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    Limbs Win and Win NS-G limbs

    This is a repost of the review I posted in the archery subreddit for the Win and Win NS-G limbs. The feedback was requested from a user who wanted to know what I thought of them following a conversation. I thought people here might be interested as well To my knowledge there aren't any written...
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    Win and win 2019?

    Do we know if win and win are releasing new kit (specifically limbs) for 2019. Do we even know if they are/ when they are likely to announce if they are bringing anything out? Last year I remember the only thing they mentioned for 2018 was new tft colours Sent from my BLN-L21 using Tapatalk
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    Archery exercises in the gym?

    Once I finish my next block of gym work, I'm looking to build a 6 week program to effectively close out the year in the gym - after deload it'll be 6 weeks left of the year. I have a good idea for the full body bit, but also wanted to start emphasising bits needed for archery. I tried the...
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    How much "spine" does a pin nock add?

    As the title says, does anyone know how much extra "spine"/ stiffness a pin nock adaptor adds to a shaft? Asking in part due to curiosity but also because I'm considering what arrows to shoot indoors and/ or next outdoor season (I'll need to get a new set either way as I've broken three ACEs -...
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    Sight recommendations?

    Last weekend my sight finally ended the end phase of shooting itself to pieces, so after 13 years loyal service in all kinds of terrible conditions it's time to get a new one. I realise i'm opening a can of worms (and barebow shooters calling me a cheater for using a sight) but can I get some...
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    Sport 80, adding an existing membership?

    How do you add an existing membership to sport 80? I've already got my Archery GB membership, but we did the old fashioned way because half my club members don't have emails/ think that a computer is an advanced abacus. I would avoid this terrible terrible site like the plague normally, but...
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    Archery hats when shooting Recurve?

    So now that I've shot my one and only archery competition for the 2017/2018 indoor season I'm back to thinking about my outdoor shooting. Does anyone have recommendations for hats for outdoor shooting? Not a baseball cap, I already know I can't shoot in one of those without the string hitting...
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    Archery in the 2022 Commonwealth Games?

    So with Birmingham being awarded the 2022 games, will Archery GB be trying to get Archery into the games? I know that some posters here are more involved with Archery GB politics than I am - which I actively avoid at any and all costs.
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    Check your arrows when you break a nock!

    Just so you can all learn an important lesson/ have a bit of a giggle at my expense, I managed to do this to my arm this morning. Basically I broke a nock, replaced it and when I went to shoot the arrow again, the back of the arrow failed in quite a spectacular fashion resulting in maybe 95% of...
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    fine tuning

    As I said yesterday, here's the different shots of what I've done with my bow grip. The changes felt a little bulky at first but now it's super comfortable and it's the most repeatable position I've had ever. It's basically a variation on what Kaminski did in the video I linked previously
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    Tying in Affirmations to Shot sequence?

    So... I'm training seriously for the first in, well, kinda ever tbh and I'm giving the affirmations a go again. I'm still not totally convinced they work but I can see the logic behind it, and if nothing else they keep it in my head why I'm getting up at half 5 every morning to squeeze in...
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    BCY-X and 8190?

    Looking to start replacing string materials as I'm starting to run down my supplies. Saw BCY-X on Merlin website and wondered what it's like compared to 8125g. Same thing with 8190 Thanks in advance
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    knife recommendations?

    Having done my first full field shoot including unmarked, one of my kit difficencies is a suitable knife for getting arrows out of wood. Obviously this isn't something I plan to do on a regular basis, but as the Tom Lehrar song goes "be prepared!" After the wonderful run down of what i should...
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    [RECURVE] Dampers for 5/16 weights?

    I'm using 5/16 Dead Centre weights on my rods (Easton Contour) and I've seen a few archers using similar style weights but also with inline dampers - A chap who was shooting at my club from Holland, as well as British archers like Naomi Folkard who used them at the world games. Anyone know...
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    Sight marks low away from home?

    Shooting at Pentref the weekend before last, I noticed that all my sight marks were low when shooting away from my home club. I've noticed this at other shoots but I was shooting so.. questionably.. that it could have been down to a laundry list of other issues. Our home field does have a...