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    Bow Poundage

    Absolutely!! That's why I glad that I can draw 50# again on my Ozark Hunter by OMP. October Mountain Products build such great recurves, but their stickbows need extensive modification to make them shoot well. The Howard Hill method of gap shooting works, and I can shoot this hotrod all day.
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    Indeed, EB, the lack of pavises meant that the crossbowmen were vulnerable while they reloaded. The English and Welsh archers gave better than they got, and the intersecting fields of fire maximized the effect. The Battle of Crecy went on into the night, albeit an August night. At...
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    Should all club activities be cancelled?

    All tournaments worldwide have been cancelled.
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    Are the quarters THAT cramped at Victory Archery?

    My order of 1 dozen V TAC23 shafts has been stalled by the global pandemic. Production will start on May 4th. (Star Wars Day) May the Fourth be with them. Yeth, I always lithp when it cometh to thaying that date.
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    Seeing arrows fly

    The warbow arrow weighed at least 6oz, 4 of which were the iron bodkin point. F = ma, and we can't chronograph one of those at more than 180"/s. This rate notwithstanding, don't be there when it arrives, because it'll arrive with footpounds of force.
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    Eye Dominance

    Howard Hill, the most accurate flatbow shooter ever, was left eye dominant but shot right handed because it gave him perfect elevation. The man could hit aspirins.
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    After 4 years recovering, drawing 50# again!

    I was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in 2015. The kindly old gal at the Prostate Centre said, " We're going to turn you into an old woman." She was right. The treatment involved chemical castration and radiation. I'm very grateful to the sex offenders in Australian prisons who...
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    Should all club activities be cancelled?

    I don't shoot indoors anymore, and the thought of alarming others gives me pause. We have a shoot scheduled for this Saturday. It will be outdoors, and if previous shoots this year are anything to go by, fewer than 25 archers will attend. There is room enough on the shooting line for...
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    Are you still booking in to tournaments?

    I'll participate in the 55+ BC Games in Richmond, BC, September 2020. The Covid19 virus is spread by droplets from a cough or sneeze. Avoid those, and the virus will have a hard time claiming you.
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    Hungarian... mediteranian or thumb ring?

    There is no shelf on the bow, so one's shooting off the bow hand. If I had to shoot one, I'd use Mediterranean draw and release.
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    WA18 six ten end

    Indoors, @ 18m, it's still mighty fine shooting!
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    Old sniper trick : use the tall finger on the trigger.

    The above post applies only to triggers. When I shoot flatbow, it's with a tab, med style.
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    Old sniper trick : use the tall finger on the trigger.

    My grandfather was a horse soldier, and among the secrets he imparted to his son, my father, was which finger to use on the trigger. Our primate brain knows where the index finger is pointed, even in the dark. This makes it perfect for target acquisition, but not dispatch. Perhaps that's...
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    It's official: the 55+ BC Games are now gender neutral. The bow does not know or care what gender is holding it.
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    Crooked String on Limb Tip

    How does your horse like it?