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    Hungarian... mediteranian or thumb ring?

    There is no shelf on the bow, so one's shooting off the bow hand. If I had to shoot one, I'd use Mediterranean draw and release.
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    WA18 six ten end

    Indoors, @ 18m, it's still mighty fine shooting!
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    Old sniper trick : use the tall finger on the trigger.

    The above post applies only to triggers. When I shoot flatbow, it's with a tab, med style.
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    Old sniper trick : use the tall finger on the trigger.

    My grandfather was a horse soldier, and among the secrets he imparted to his son, my father, was which finger to use on the trigger. Our primate brain knows where the index finger is pointed, even in the dark. This makes it perfect for target acquisition, but not dispatch. Perhaps that's...
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    It's official: the 55+ BC Games are now gender neutral. The bow does not know or care what gender is holding it.
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    Crooked String on Limb Tip

    How does your horse like it?
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    Numbering arrows

    Wow, gotta get me some Arrow Socks! I'm presently using those name and address labels the charities use to guilt one into sending donations. They wrap well around a 9mm shaft.
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    Random quiver question

    Your baldric quiver lends itself to the addition of a belt that passes over the strap at your left hip. This will keep the strap from falling off your right shoulder.
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    Arrow Holder Foam Blocks DIY?

    As a retired consumer electronic repair technician, I didn't hesitate to make the holes in my foam holder by melting them in with my solder station. Clean the goo off the iron with a damp shop cloth before turning the solder station off. The crusty edge on the hole does a good job cleaning...
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    A request about bow stands.

    I use an arrow forced into the ground when it's wet, and the bottom of a music stand, with an arrow down the centre, when it's dry. Either way, the bow hangs comfortably from its string, with the shelf down.
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    34” arrows?

    I'm with 4d4m. Move the anchor point. He may be very tall, but he's not shooting a warbow at 45 degrees elevation, so he need not anchor by his ear.
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    Arthritis and thumbs

    As you can see from the profile picture, my bow hand thumb is quite involved in the shooting. Four fingers are on the front of the bow, and the bow is well back in the joint, halfway between the cleft and the first knuckle. It helps that I have blacksmith's thumbs. I also have arthritic...
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    Woodies and Carbons from the same bow

    When Del writes, one does well to read, mark well, and learn. He's both a bowyer and an archer. I second his observations. At the 55+BC Games just held in Kelowna, it was unanimous that we preserve the status quo. First day, 3D; real men and women shooting real arrows at phony animals...
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    Jezebelle forgave me for experimenting with Wally, shot sweetly in a 900 on Saturday, and is...

    Jezebelle forgave me for experimenting with Wally, shot sweetly in a 900 on Saturday, and is coming with me to the 55+ Games in Kelowna. 3D Thursday, Target Friday, Field Saturday. Woop, woop!
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    Waxing the String

    My Birtwistle 71" flatbow is strung with Fastflyte, and it responds well to a good waxing with (gasp) leather preservative from the bootmakers. There's no waiting, no risk of friction burns, and the string will tell you when it's had enough. Pay particular attention to the Flemish twist loops.