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    Arrow rests - your thoughts

    When we set up a bow and initially perform a crude tune we are advised that we are to ensure there is no arrow contact with any part of the bow during the shot and that even the slightest touch might affect the arrow flight. What then do flipper rests do? Does the rest get "flipped" out of the...
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    How do magnetic arrow rests work?

    Or you can be brave, glue a steel shaft into your riser and believe the slo mo videos. Yes it's limiting on arrow diameter, but I only have one set. I suggest prayer might work better than magic!
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    Dear Judge, what if . . .

    Dear judge, At a recent club shoot we had a Clout competition with Jelly Bows at 80 yards. We had an arrow which had clearly performed a summersault and ended with the nock in the ground and the point in the air (about a foot in the air)! I called the nock end the point and scored...
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    Short range bosses no longer recommended?

    Not having access to a coaching manual (that's another topic forconversation) . . . I was advised that the minimum distance for shooting is now 10 yards. So no more blank bosses at 2 yards for blind shooting and nock position checking! What coaching method is currently recommended for blind...
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    RECURVE : Anyone use a Free Flyte rest in drop away mode?

    Ask yourself is it necessary? Look at slow motion videos of arrows as they pass the rest . . . One assumes all these moving parts are to cater for poor shots. Am I unique having a solid metal bar for a rest?
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    Testers required - Kindle Paperwhite

    So what with the nice sunny weather, regular screens are very difficult to see clearly. Not so the Paperwhite with its touch screen! It has an experimental browser. It is slow and clunky and limited it its use. It doesn't present a web page as expected. It has no screen rotation option. But ...
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    It never rains . . . second archery GB membership card arrived today

    You wait for months for your membership card to arrive and then two arrive in consecutive months. What's that all about then? Mufti
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    Indoor shooting

    Outdoors - fast to get to the target as quick as possible and be influenced by forces of nature as little as possible. Indoors - slow? for what reason? Any answers? My thoughts; If we setup, aim and release correctly theory says that the arrow will go where we aim - independent of arrow...
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    Shoot n Score

    Shoot n Score - StickyLlama (scorecard) Pros Easy to enter (and edit scores) Colour coded scoring Can change distance between ends to generate a round Emails export file Cons Garish backgrounds used (can be turned off) Does not cater for Imperial scoring Add Next End button at BOTTOM...
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    ScoringHelper - Siim Aaver (target and scorecard) Pros Simple to use Can create custom rounds Imperial scoring catered for Excel and image outputs Target scoring zooms as per regular app (two finger spread) Window shows what is under your finger before placing arrow. Reorders arrows...
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    Goldrush - Matthias Bilger (simple target) Pros Simple to use Unlimited number of arrows Zooms well (with a double tap) Good set of plans for further developement Cons An unfinished app The only option is to record arrows hits on a target Last update May 2010 Display Very small control icons...
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    AndyPad - Andy Royle (simple scorecard) Pros Simple to use Unlimited number of ends Layout rotates well Email output Cons Cannot select 100 yds (2 character limit so 99 will have to do) Dispay Has a lot of unused screen space Buttons could be bigger Scoring buttons (0-10) could be reversed...
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    Recurve homemade tackle case

    With equipment in place.
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    button & rest

    My setup;