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    Barnett predator

    Hi I have a Barnett predator compound crossbow it is hardly used included is a hard case a dozen brand new bolts everything that is needed to get shooting asking £425. Must be responsible adults and preferably belong to a club. Please msg me for pictures
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    recurve limbs

    hi I went to order some new limbs but have been discontinued,the question is has anyone tried the MK LIMBS I was looking at hoyt but not sure now and its impossible to try before you buy,
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    hoyt x tours

    tried ordering a set of x tours today from various places (discontinued) wonder what's coming next and when,
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    For Sale carbon express compound crossbow

    carbon express compound crossbow with case new scope set of bolts and a few broardheads,only used a couple of shots,200lb draw weight,cost in exess of ?1100,swop for r/h recurve setup around 40lb draw must be good quality or sell ?900 View image: IMG 1949
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    paddle ski inflatable

    for sale or swop sea eagle paddle ski purchased on a whim it has 2 seats 2 sets of paddles pump service kitcost ?850 about 18 months ago only used a few times,would sell for ?550 or swop for either a recurve setup around 40lb draw or compound setup 40-60lb draw and 27inch draw length,paddle ski...
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    PSE Citation II

    Hi i am trying to get some instructions on the PSE Citation II ,if anyone has a copy or where i can download a copy the help would be greatly recieved
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    Compound sight wanted

    Hi i am after a good compound sight right hand if anyone has one kicking about
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    giving up archery

    Well after a lot of thought i have decided to give up archery,the main reason for this is club politics what a pain in the bum,i have listed most of my gear on fleabay and a lot more to come,i feel gutted that it has come to this , i have made a lot of good friends on the way who i intend to...
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    Beiter Sight Tunnel

    Was just wondering for those who use a beiter sight what insert do you use,i am going to try a no 14 or 19 in a 12mm
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    carbofast sight pin

    does anyone know the thread size on a carbofast sight pin,i am going to change to a beiter one
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    i just shot my pb 684 on a american :cheerful: it should get me my 2nd class badge
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    Has anyone got the results from the silverspoon shoot at spalding last sunday.
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    broken bow

    Hi i normaly shoot a recurve but as we have a clout comp on monday i thought i would shoot longbow with my son,so i borrowed one a nice 65lb one,i took it down the field today for a practice 8th arrow BANG bow snapped ,bent my glasses sore jaw and my nipple is killing me .So sod the longbows i...
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    arrow vs van

    jazzed the van up a bit hehehe
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    Border XP10 Evolution LIMBS

    has anyone tried these limbs Border Archery XP10 Evolution and are they good or not