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    Strange bargain on ebay
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    Strange bargain on ebay

    Slightly puzzled by the 'Cabon(sic) riser and limbs' on ebay right now. No proper description and a few photos. There is a nice picture of the string but the full £450 stabiliser set is in the pics but not worth mentioning nor is the £220 sight. So, about £2k stuff being sold by someone who's...
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    What do MB and GMB stand for/represent?

    It would be a real shame to lose the gold standard that is the 1440/York(Hereford) as the proper test of Archery. You don't need to get great scores to still enjoy the achievement of a full days archery as an intermediate shooter and AGB recognise this with the star and rose awards. For any...
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    AGB Advice for returning to shooting 13/5/20

    I have picked out this quote to make a more general point about risk (sorry Geoff) which is: keep it real! Having your own target face is sensible and so is not sharing any of your equipment or your personal space. My job is in delivery and has been throughout the current crisis and I spend all...
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    AGB Advice for returning to shooting 13/5/20

    I suspect that unless things change a lot in the next few months (and I don't think they will) most clubs can't shoot indoors this Winter. Our club has one evening a week in a small sports hall and we lose money doing that. Fewer people would make the whole thing a complete non-starter...
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    Brace height sound variation

    Full marks for effort! The specific best brace height clearly doesn't apply to your set up Maybe the differences in people's experience is what they mean by loudness. A harsh sound with lots of discordance would seem 'loud' compared to a pure note of equal volume. I suppose a happy sounding bow...
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    Scottish Government Lockdown Ideas Page

    I work full time in a delivery role. I deal with that by wearing gloves from the beginning of my shift by walking in and picking them out of a (well provided) box to the end where the last thing I do is bin them and wash my hands. All day with no hand to face contact: easily done with gloves. I...
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    AGB - no membership refunds

    There seems to be no particular reason why archery couldn't be more popular, like golf or fishing say. Maybe the club based nature is a problem: You have to be quite determined to make the effort to find and do a beginner course. Pushing pay-and-play might make make the whole thing more visible...
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    Brace height sound variation

    The short answer is I don't know. People talk about tiller/brace height being 'personal to your particular set up' i.e. that includes how you shoot. The comment was more aimed at the people who have a very distinct 'best brace height' as a polite way of saying that you might want to look at your...
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    AGB - no membership refunds

    Maybe more clubs would have been a better way of putting it. I agree with you. Our club is ideally suited to less than 50 and happy enough with 35-40
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    Brace height sound variation

    Having a strange tiller can make the bracing height hyper-sensitive. So it might be worth playing with that too.
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    AGB - no membership refunds

    More archers and everything else follows. Archery is great fun but most people never find that out, hence more Big Weekends and so on. Right now we are rare birds heading towards extinction.
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    AGB - no membership refunds

    So, What have the Romans ever done for us? (!) It seems to me that a lot of the gripes in this thread are generic. I would say that having a governing body is generally a good thing, especially for something as niche as archery. Spending the money better would be easier with specific demands by...
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    Changing sides?

    I think I remember Greg from the youtube channels Archery101 and 3Darchery saying that he shoots instinctive right handed and gap left handed. Or the other way around. It was mentioned in the middle of one of his videos. I'm guessing that if you want instinctive then you need the the dominant...
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    Easton X10s

    Looks like the nano pro is your best bet based on these tests only (29x max score) As far as I can tell people want X10s because they are much better at the longest distances in wind. For the intermediate archer on a budget second hand ACEs is probably a good choice.