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    Why the high draw weight?

    Hi, I have just won on Ebay a Hoyt Gamegetter Jr Compound Bow which was listed as 22 to 24 DL and 15 to 25lb DW and this is what the labels state on the bow. When the bow arrived I gave it a pull, as you do, and thought "that's more than 25lb". Out with the allen keys and wound the limb bolts...
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    Hi, Our clubs long-time chairman (Pete) has finally been given the go-ahead to emigrate to Australia so that he can spend the rest of his life with his family. We held our Christmas shoot on Monday 17th and it seemed the right time to say farewell to our friend. First of all we had a game of...
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    Hi, Last weekend I sold a bow on Ebay and as the winning bidder lives 15 to 20 miles away I deliverd the bow and he paid me in cash. OK, thats why I was there but the tip he gave me is, if it works, worth passing on. Carpenters / builders STUD DETECTORS. I know that some of them work by...
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    Border Mirage

    Hi, Several years ago a retiring member donated his bow to the club. It is a Border Mirage, Serial No. DAC8048, 66" 40lb @ 28". Since it was given to the club it has sat in its case at the back of our cupboard as it is to heavy for any of our members to use. I have been asked to put it on Ebay...
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    Unexpected promotion.

    Hi, We had our AGM last night and I have gone from being general dogsbody and apprentice equipment officer to Chairman. I knew our long term Chairman was standing down to go and live down under but when I was proposed and seconded I was gobsmacked. They did tell me not to worry, I could still...
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    Hi, One of our young beginners is coming to the end of her course and having tried my grandaughters PSE Chaos has decided that she would like to shoot compound. Looking around online she found the FUSE FREESTYLE and asked for my opinion. In the write up it says the DL change is modular. Does...
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    Alternative to shooting a scoring round and still get a winner

    Hi, We turned up to shoot today and discovered that we were out of score sheets so tried something different. Taking our cue from the Olympics we shot sets but with a difference. The only arrows that counted were those in the gold and red, 2 for a gold and 1 for a red. Six arrows each with the...
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    Glass fibre and araldite?

    Hi, One of our clubs older bows is in need of TLC and a glass fibre repair on one tip. Does anyone know if Araldite will work with the glass instead of resin and hardener. We have the glass matt and Epoxy glue but no resin and hardener. This is an old, one piece, well loved Border bow that we...
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    Hi, Danielle and Mel through to the ladies compound final. Still not on TV though. Phil
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    South Korean Im Dong-Hyun. I think I found out what he sees.

    Hi, I think I found out what it's like for Im Dong-Hyun when he shoots and I am amazed that he does it so well. We shot earlier on this week on a rather damp evening. It had rained most of the day and the ground was soaking and we were still getting the odd shower. Now I shoot compound with peep...
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    Numbers and initials on arrows.

    Hi, Chatting to one of our beginners tonight the subject of names or initials and numbers on arrows came up. The beginner started that he had heard that in competitions your arrows should be marked with your initials or name. Someone else chimed in saying that they need to be numbered as well...
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    Is a beginners course needed in all cases?

    Hi, We had someone turn up tonight to have a look and on talking to him found out that he shot, several years ago, to a high standard in South Africa. He has never been a member of GNAS or any other UK archery society. We persuaded him to sign up to a beginners course (only ?10) so he could...
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    Increasing draw weight of compound jelly bow?????

    Hi, My grandaughters step sister is half way through her beginners course and is using a 10lb compound jelly bow. She is using this as she is tiny and all the other club bows are too powerful for her to use for a full afternoon lesson. The 10lb bow is a bit light for her and restricts her to...
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    Advice needed for teaching a beginner with limited mobility.

    Hi, I have just been contacted by a lady who we met at our annual HAG. She has shot years ago but would like to get started again on a beginners course as a gentle form of excercise. I won't give her age but she doesn't pay when she catches a bus and is waiting for replacement knees. During our...
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    Simple mistake costs me money.

    Hi, Ever since myself and my family started shooting I have had a little one sided bet with my grandaughters that if they ever beat me on any shoot they would get ?10. It doesn't matter what distance was shot as long as we shot the same number of arrows. Yesterday, as usual I was there for...