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  • Right back at ya. Hey you too :) Haven't been able to get in the C&Q since I told you it was open!

    Hope you're well, need some advice re a work thing will send you a message tomorrow.

    Hi, didn't see you there, logged in from my blackberry which does't show all the options! How's tricks?
    Hey Princess !
    Sorry couldn't make it - would have been great to meet up. Am up that way quiteoften so am sure I will bump into you at some point :cheerful:
    How did you get on? It was lovely day if I remember
    Catch you soon
    TNM x
    Awesome shooting tonight, got an hour outside and 2 in and was in the gold all the way :) How about you? Also got an awesome new HPLC-MS at work so a good week ;)
    Ooh sounds interesting - will maybe see if can stay with parents that weekend. Got another 2nd class score the other day - so maybe there is hope :)
    Hope all is well..
    Wasn't on for long but sorry anyway :) Been busy, next trip is to the south of france, looking forward to that one!
    I also have no time to shoot so I feel your pain! I'm sure it will pick up soon. I've been on a plane over the atlantic while you were doing your late shift so you definitely had the best option, I'm knackered and heading home to the the wallpaper! If the weather stays good and the jetlag isn't too bad I'll be shooting tonight and no trips for at least 3 weeks :)
    Hope all is well, just saw your shout, and yes I only have myself to blame ;)
    Yeah, I am doing well. Shooting has been really coming along - in the past couple of weeks I have broken my York, National, Fita70m, Short Metric, Western and Long Metric PBs. Off to the GNAS Team Tournament this weekend, so I hope it doesn't rain because I am staying up there in a tent :)
    Strangely I'm actually at home tonight so I won't be in the c&q tonight! All well here, working too hard but it pays the bills! I may pop in later just to say hi depending how the evening's wallpapering goes :)
    Princess. Not always up late, but it is not uncommon. Tend to get peaceful time late at night to do emails, and forum trawling etc.
    Well thats good news - in that there was a reason of the lower scores. Was it your limbs or borrowed ones?- your scores will still be miles above mine i'll bet LOL. Been getting out a bit lately trying to dodge the showers, but need to find some wet weather gear that is ... well you know more... stylish :rotfl: TNM x
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