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    Postal competition, how is it adjusted?? Frostbite and Portsmouth.

    I think it's something to do with divisions.
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    Rules of shooting - Vegas 300

    I quite like the black target with the white spot. Helps focus. I don't need to see the other lines till I'm scoring.
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    [English Longbow] Longbow: height of nocking point

    I have my nocking point (top of the bottom nock) at about 1/8" (just over 4mm) above the horizontal.
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    New PB

    Having not shot for a month as I believe I've done some tendon damage in the fingers of my string hand, I decided to go down to my club and see what effect it would have on my fingers. (As it turns out not much, they still ache as much as they did before). As the club was scheduled a Warwick...
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    Incentive to shoot indoors

    As a target archer, I only shoot ELB, without a band or ground marker. When shooting outdoors I enjoy it more and have been improving slowly over time, with the goals of badges & classifications to pursue. (Not chasing scores but it's something to look towards). When moving indoors though, I'm...
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    A pleasent surprise

    Recently we had a friendly shoot with another club, shooting an Albion round. Bit of a heavy mist, and some gusty wind. With the sighters all being off the boss things weren't looking to hopeful as I've been having good an bad days in archery recently, but that is the joy of shooting longbow...
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    Thinning Shooting lines

    I've been seeing a number of shoots having to be cancelled due to lack of entries and those that have been on there has been a number of empty spaces on the targets. I was wondering why people aren't attending shoots as much anymore? Price of entry, cost of travel, length of shoot? Just...
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    Medals and Badges

    Hello, Managed to get first Gent's longbow at the Cheshire Clout Championship and secured 2nd place in the English Archery Federation, on day 2 of the neston tri-clout. Though I didn't win anything on day 3, I did manage to get my Blue metric tassel (14 points off red) and my 3 clout end badge :D
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    Different types of archery: Beneficial or Detrimental to form

    Here is a new question for the community. In general I shoot target style archery, but recently I've been going to a few clout shoots. Discussing this with other members of the club a few are saying that doing multiple styles of archery changes your form slightly. Does anyone know if this is...
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    1st 1st Place

    I attended the Lancashire Archery Association Clout Championship over the weekend, shooting a AGB clout on the 2nd day. Not only did I manage to beat my PB and earn my blue tassel, but managed to get 1st Gent's Visitor Longbow. I've had a few trophies in the past in team target shoots, or...
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    Black Tassel

    After trying a clout last year and failing to reach the scoring zone, I came back this year with a heavier bow and some rear tapered arrows (home made). Not only did I reach the scoring rings and beyond I managed enough points to apply for a black tassel award, and only 11 points off blue...
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    Compound Targets

    Random thought just popped into my head, which I'm sure some of you have already had before and may have been discussed before. We all know that by nature compound bows are a more accurate bow type compared to recurve/longbow. Before anyone starts moaning I'm aware it takes a lot of skill to...
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    [Warbow] Drawing a warbow to ear

    I'm trying to get into warbow shooting, but I was wondering does anyone have any methods they can pass on in regards how to draw a warbow? Aside from videos I can't seem to find much, videos are all very well but I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for so are there any texts/links around that...
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    Sight aids on certain bow types

    Hello all, as most of you know I'm a longbow enthusiast. I'm a member of AGB (GNAS) and BLBS. Now only coming from a target POV forgive me if I'm ignorant in other forms of archery. My main question is probably a common one, but it's only really come up in the past few months in my circles...
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    Whipping & Arrow Rotation

    A thought came up today during a discussion about arrows with a friend. According to a couple of websites: Left wing feathers rotate the arrow counter clockwise Right wing feather rotate the arrow clockwise. If this is the case, if you whip arrows should the whipping follow this pattern? So if...