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    Mybo Certo

    Black Certo long rod 33" - only been on a bow a couple of times and in new condition - ?80 Black Certo side rod 12" as new - ?40 Prices do not included postage costs. If you are interested email me and ill send you pics etc. -Si
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    Shibuya scope lens diameter?

    Hi all, Is there anyone out there that has a 29mm shibuya scope that can tell me the physical diameter of the lens itself? Thanks -Si
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    Draw length / poundage

    Hi all, quick question. Does draw length on a compound affect the peak weight? Eg. If I have a 60# bow and set it to 26" will the peak weight be a lot lower? Ta
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    Quick ACG advice?

    Hi all, I don't have archers advantage, so could someone comment on my thoughts of ACG setup I plan on buying? I don't want to splash cash on the wrong setup! I shoot compound pse supra single cam at about 52.5# 26" draw length. Considering ACG 540 @ 27" with nock pins and 120g piles and 1.75"...
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    Visiting other club question

    Hi all, We run a GNAS target club, and we had a request from an NFAS member to come see us and they wanted to shoot as a visitor. Now GNAS Insurance wouldn't cover this, but they seemed to think that NFAS insurance would cover them. Anyone know how to proceed here? Cheers
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    Compound grouping question

    Hi, I shot a FITA 18 on Saturday, and because I was keeping track of my arrow impact positions, I noticed I had 2 groupings, 1 in the middle and one about 7 o'clock left of gold. I'm new to compound and wondered if there might be some indication as to why this might be? Thanks
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    Archers advantage?

    Hi all, I'm considering buying a copy, but is archers advantage worth getting (I shoot compound)? Just wondering what the general opinions were. Thanks -Si
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    Carter Great service.

    Hi all, Just wanted to make a comment that the service I've just had from Carter has been truly outstanding, even though my release was not in warranty. All sorted out quicker than it took for a local archery shop to even respond to an email I sent at the same time. Fantastic. :)
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    Carter ITS springs?

    Hi all, I've got a 2nd hand just b cuz, but I only have 2 springs and really need a heavier one. Can some tell me where I get get spares, or maybe someone has an unused one they'd be willing to pass on? Thanks
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    Carter ITS springs

    Hi, Anyone know where I can get some replacement ITS springs for a justbcuz? I've got light and medium springs, but need some heavier ones to try. -Si
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    dot/circle alignment template?

    Hi, Can anyone point me to one of the paper templates that help you align dots and circles on your lens? I've been given some extra stick on dots/circles and want to get them in the centre. I could always draw one up with a compass, but thought I'd ask first, as I'm lazy. ;) -Si
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    Carter Carter Maintanance?

    Hi all, Just got a 2nd hand Just B Cuz and I was wondering if it was worth opening it up (it's way out of warranty) and cleaning it up/checking it over? Personally, I'd like to check it all over and clean it, but if people say it's a bad idea, I wont bother. thanks -Si
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    WTB Carter Target 3 or Just B Cuz release.

    Hi all, I've just started out on compound and I'm looking for an ITS 3 finger thumb release as in the title (currently borrowing a target 4 but I'm having to drop the 4th finger off the release). Does any kind soul out there have one they'd like to sell on to me? I've gone for a couple on ebay...
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    compound centre serving tips?

    Hi all, I'm going to be replacing the centre serving on my compound very soon, and, as a new compounder, was wondering if there are any tips I should be aware of? Anything different from serving recurve strings (which is no problem for me)? -Si
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    What Compound bow stand?

    Hi all, Which stand do people recommend using for a compound? I see alot of people with the plastic stands that clip around the bottom limbs, but looking at someones bow, they seem pretty scratched so I'm a little wary of them. thanks -Si