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    Shooting over water

    I've always had an issue shooting over water for distance estimation, in that my arrows always go short. Had a opportunity to practice over a fishing pond at the weekend and same thing. Any advice? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Psychology of Form

    Been shooting English Longbow for two years now. I keep improving so I'm happy with me progress. But one thing isn't clear to me. Now I know this is all classic overthink but it's what I do ;-) I shoot field archery with NFAS and we shoot outdoors all year round and I aim todo one comp per...
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    Practice over winter advice?

    Well my second winter as a Field Archer shooting English Longbow using Instinctive Aiming. My first comp of the year and a unexceptional score. Seems there is no alternatives to shooting on a regular basic and keeping my eye in with distance estimation etc. I've practiced for consistency at...
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    Ah joy when it all comes together

    Practice on home course this morning in refreshing rain.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Kyudo video very elegant

    Its lovely to see Kyduo being practiced.. Simple and elegant very Zen..
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    What a great day

    Well it was my clubs last open shoot of the year (One arrow shoot) and being a member I couldn't compete. But I scored anyway and was very pleased that I was within the top score in my class by less than 20 points and I'd beaten two elite archers. Pleased doesn't cover it.... :-) Sent from...
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    My 2ND NFAS national champs

    Well that was a Ego cleansing experience for the second time at the NFAS Nationals last weekend. The two hardest most challenging field archery courses I have ever shot epic. Just to give you an indication of how much harder at a challenging weekend open comp I last scored 600 points and 7...
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    Added another badge to my waterproof gillet...

    Fellowship of the Bow (Archers by Instinct) ;-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    NFAS President takes a bronze at WBHC comp

    Trish Jones (NFAS president) shooting Bowhunter recurve, Instinctive aiming takes third place takes third place at this years World Bow Hunter competition in Hungry. Her advice has always to be 'Enjoy the day' and I think she's an inspiration to field archers anywhere. Sent from my iPad...
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    Stalker quiver

    So having done field archery for two years (English longbow, wooden feather fletched arrows) I am now thinking about a new quiver. Ideally Secure arrows don't fall out when I bend over, walk through undergrowth or sit down etc. Holding 9-12 arrows without knackering the feathers. Waterproof...
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    [English Longbow] Tudor finger shooting tab

    Tudor finger tab about as simple as it gets.. ;-)
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    Instinctive Aiming again

    Just to drag up Instinctive aiming again, in previous discussions we have discussed shooting at night and putting tape on glasses etc. to see if it effects aim. I was shooting with a Freestyle recurve archer on my last course (along with three gap barebowers). I shoot English longbow using...
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    First time I've ever got over 600 points

    Scored over 600 points on a NFAS 36xtarget course yesterday during practice for the first time shooting English longbow. Very pleased it's taken me 18 months to get here and was my main goal. Now to translate it when shoot a real competition. :-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Flemish twist question

    Never had a problem with a string before.. Got a new string last week (double looped Flemish twist) for my English longbow. When The string was finished it had a brace height of 6.5 inches. About a week later and a n dozen arrows of practice I noticed the distance was going and the brace...
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    Archers Paradox Video

    Worth watching this video on Archers paradox.