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  • Thanks for the comments, first bit of encouragement, the wife thinks I dream.
    regs Chris
    Hi Simon,
    My name's Karlis Zivtins and I have the proud honor of having re-started the University of Essex Archery Club (UeAC) just over two years ago now, and having been president for two years.
    Have you heard anything about the club recently?
    I would sincerely like to talk more with you in the future if you have a moment about the club's past.
    Kind regards
    Karlis Zivtins
    Archery Leader
    President of UeAC 2007/09
    No shooting at Ousdale this Friday as its half term just in case plans change. May go to Millmead Sat morning I have missed quite a few of Ron's sessions due to work so need to catch up.
    See you on Sunday Simon.
    Hi simon just had a e-mail from Tim Jackson been moved to the B session on sunday No need to get up at the crack of dawn now I'm on 38B
    Hi xseven.

    I can't say much about them - if they're the same as I had then they were made by Severn Products. Anodised Gold (hence the name). Reasonable arrows but not as good as Easton. If you bought them new, then I suspect they are not the same (Goldstrike) as I had.

    I bought recently some goldstrike arrows and with no makings on them and the only reference I could find on the net about then was in one of your old posts!
    Can you give me more details about this arrows please?
    Many thanks!
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