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    spotting scope perspective

    Can some one help me with spotting scope perspective? I am a left handed archer and when i look into my scope which is tilted toward me i see 3 o'clock as 2 and 12 o'clock as 11 and so on. I have tried telling myself that this is what i am seeing but i still find myself adjusting incorectly...
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    WMAS Results out now

    Yay! my second shoot this year i came 5th at Long Mynd and 6th at this one and got my 3rd MB score to go with two from late last year. :fita:
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    I am just going to blow my own trumpet here for a little while because I have just recieved the IPC World rankings and I am third which is one place higher than I have managed before. :hyper: The rest of the team have done brilliantly with the Ladies compound comming first second and third. We...
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    Metal year bars

    Can anyone help. I am looking for a new supplier for the little metal year bars, preferably enamelled with raised metal numerals. Our county supplier seems to have vanished of the face of the earth.