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  • tarkers from what i know your a gent. so the answer is yes..
    just remember there nowt queerer than folk. friends are hard to find..pete
    HI! Tarquin, just to say "thanks" for the ironman shoot and the excellent bacon buttys, see you hopefully later in the year

    aka Wannabearcher
    Hi Tarquin, Do you know who was taking pictures at the Ironman? if so do you think he / she might share? Thanks for organisingthe day by the way great Butties and good fun into the bargain.
    Hi Tarquin. Well done on the organisation for yesterdays Ironman Challenge. Coffee, Tea and bacon butties were excellent.
    Will see you at some of the open shots on the outdoor circuit next year.
    Cheers and have a good New Year.
    Hey Tarquin, Could you e-mail the target list to me please for the ironman today? I know it's over but I want to try to remember the names of the people who were there:) Thanks mate
    Hi Steve,
    I Have been trying to register on the ironman reading shoot but the site won't let me get to the payement section. It says it won't recognize my log on details even though I am logged on succesfully.
    Is there spaces left?
    Can I send you a cheque as a shooting colleage of mine from yateley archers did recently?.
    Thanks in advance of your reply
    Paul Cruickshank-Inns
    I have registered with the Ironman Frostbite at Reading and wondered if you have anything like a target list or any other relevant info available yet? Thanks for considering this petty request:)
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