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    Tape/coating to change colour of limbs?

    Sight marks didn't change at 18 and 25 meters. I did apply the side facing the archer while the limbs where off the bow, and the side away from the archer while the bow was strung. This to make sure the wrap wouldn't stretch too much while bending and unbending.
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    Tape/coating to change colour of limbs?

    I went to a shop that coats windows against UV and sun-rays, he also has wraps for cars et cetera. Selected the thinnest black wrap he had and stuck it on the limbs.
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    Core limbs fit Samick Poliaris/Sage handles?

    They fit. One thing to keep in mind that pocket size tolerances are a bit bigger than with ILF, so keeping string centered on the bow may be a challenge. Samick wooden riser + Samick limbs were okay; Core metal riser + Samick limbs had a bit more play. YMMV. And keep the draw weight low, proper...
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    Single or duel cam?

    Answer from >Archery Talk<
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    Is my nocking point legal?

    Sorry for my short answer, got distracted and only supplied the link World Archery uses the same knot & tutorial (here). If it's on their site (and the length of the knot is within reason) I would consider it valid. Unless there is a rule on your bowstyle that says otherwise. I use Brownell #4...
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    Is my nocking point legal?

    How To Tie A Nocking Point on a Recurve Bow- 6 Easy Steps But I don't use the glue in step 3.
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    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    Need help with that? Buzy with a Portsmouth scorecard:
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    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    It's the one accidental arrow that lands in a breathing body that gets you. And our sport if an overzealous official gets a knee-jerk reaction.
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    When you're happy shooting, comparing scores is irrelevant. Keep improving, stay happy. Congrats on your PB!
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    Bow arm shoulder shrugging up when expanding.

    Make the triangle bigger: WorldArchery Coaching Video
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    New string and cables

    Bought strings for a 2008 model Hoyt UltraElite XT3000 no problem.
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    New string and cables

    Flex Archery shows results searching for the PSE supra ME, many colors to choose from.
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    Easton X10s

    That's why you generally can't buy single X10s, only matched sets. And barreled shafts have an advantage over parallel shafts, but are more expensive to make. So to answer the original question; all things equal a more expensive shaft will not outperform a cheaper shaft. Problem is, things are...
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    Skylon arrows

    No. WeiHai AnPu Composite Co., Ltd WenDeng, WeiHai, ShanDong 264400, China [email protected]
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    number of strands

    Or bowstring-dimensions.pdf.