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  • Hi thunk, We normally enter with FranC in pentref, are there no venues in wales? If I can arrange at short notice ie the next two days, would it be possible for my club to host one {celtic archers} Please let me know asap
    Hi Thunk,
    There are 3 of us who want to take part in the Ironman but I'm the only AIUK member. Do the other two have to join or can I enter them anyway??

    hi thunk ive just paid for the iron man 2009. dave andrews gnas no1050613 barebow.
    after winning the barebow last year there were no medals for us will there be this year?
    or does aiuk not agnolage barebow archers many thanx demo
    Hi Thunk,
    Just to let you know that myself, Ewa J Lind (GNAS no: 01043, still temporary..grrr...) and Cliff Capps (GNAS no: 1001947) of Hampstead Bowmen would like to register for the London Senior Ironman Challenge on December 27th.
    Please let me know if there is anything additional I need to provide:)

    Cheers, Ewa (likesnowonabambooleaf)
    Hi Thunk, I have just registered for the London Senior Ironman challenge on the 27th Dec, and this is to inform you that I am a Recurve Archer and my GNAS number is 1035585.

    AIUK name is - theslocs

    What's the parking arrangements for the venue, and is there a map/directions available at all.

    Many thanks

    Nigel (theslocs)
    I can only imagine how hard it must be for you... it can be very tiring being the cheerful one, I know! I really hope he gets through it relatively unscathed and is well again soon.

    Oscar is absolutely beautiful and such a good boy. His daddy adores him, to the point that he's asking me when I'm taking up shooting again, so he can have him all to himself sometimes! I'm still a paid up GNAS member, so maybe I will venture out to an AIUK gathering.... I could do with regaining my social confidence! xx
    Hello! Hope things are good with you, and the family is well. Thought I'd try leaving you a little note! I'm just back from a school governors meeting so feel like my brain is made of spaghetti, so I may have left it on my page by mistake!
    Thanks for your help but I cannot come to the ironman shoot, I was hoping my better half was not working. I will try and get to any other shoot that happens next year. Happy christmas cheers tony......
    Thunk Thankyou for your help, I am just waiting to find out if my partner is working that sunday, If not I will be able to come. Thanks again Tony :)
    hi Thunk I am intrested in shooting the Ironman challenge in london. I will have to travel up by train to victoria but I wanted to know what tube station I would have to get off. Thanks Tony..
    One of my Postgrad degrees was from UCL, and I taught briefly on an international course in Evidence Based Medicine at UCL (thumbs nose!)
    Thanks for the offer. I'll bear it in mind. As I said I'm not often in London any more, and will be emigrating to Canada - well, Victoria on Vancouver Island - in 2010. I've already fixed to join the Victoria Bowmen, who have spectacular outdoor facilities. Every time I think of what Canadian archers have I drool!
    Derik, I have just realised that you're only six days my junior. Location: South of the river and Club, London Archers, suggests to me a Londoner. DUH! You're clearly a scientist (astrophysics) and because of your club affiliation likely to be at Imperial College.
    I qualified, thousands of years ago, from Saint Mary's Hospital Med School and am therefore ex-IC. When I come to London, which is nowadays very infrequent, to see my sister, I have been known to shoot indoors with the IC students at Wilson Hall, which used to be the student accomodation for SMH. I have never yet shot in the Palace grounds but have often watched with envy.
    I believe that some of the London Archers come to Long Mynd although I don't know if there are any at the four-day double FITA this year. I'll be there and again a the double 70 next spring - barring astronomical catastrophes.
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