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  • there are a few bowers in hungary whose bows for you have to wait a year and they are not on the net or anywhere becouse they don't need advertisement. I'll get a Centaur by s molnar next or a Robert vegh bow. If you go to : szuku76 videos on youtube he shows some of their bows.

    or you can go here: http://www.szip.hu/modules.php?name=Forums for hungarian input about hungarian bows there is an english line there.

    Good luck for your next bow.

    If you need any further help maybe to come over a language barrier i'd be glad to help.

    Hi Alan

    no problem I'm happy to help.
    Mine is a long assimetric laminated hungarian. This is my first bow and i have'nt much experience with other bows, but itell you what i hear from the rest. So firstly: i love my bow it's quick and strong, my arrows are always deepest in the target. The guys in the club have mostly grozers, glassfibre ones. Mr Tarcsi himself is a very friendly helpful bowyer. When i ordered my bow from him i was still back in the UK, and handled everything over the phone. His bows cost around90 pounds without design. worth every penny.
    Flagella Dei. : i never had one in my hands, but in hungarian forums they are considered wall ornament, meant not for shooting. by pretty much everybody.
    kassai : As he is a very famous bowyer one would expect his bows to be everywhere but it is not the case. At least where i go i very rarely see any kassai, even though they are in every shop.
    But i have not heard anything bad about his bows.
    Hope you don't mind me messaging you randomly like this but
    I am really struggling to find any reviews or feedback on Tarvei Horsebows
    I love the look of your Tarvei, could you give me some feedback and which model yours is please
    At the moment i am trying to compare flagella laminated Hungarian vs Kassai Wolf 1 vs Kassai Turul 1 vs Tarvei Hun, Tarvei UDI Tarvei Pecheneg and Tarvei Sassanian
    Thanks for your time
    Alan (Bowman of the Deans) UK
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