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    [Horsebow] Portsmouth score on Horsebow?

    My main bow style is Barebow recurve but I also shoot Horsebow with woodies. I just wondered whether anyone keeps Portsmouth scores. I've managed to get 436 with the Horsebow, which is about 100 less than I would expect to get Barebow on a really good night. How far can you take it?. Does...
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    Does anyone here shoot barebow recurve?

    Just asking as it seems a minority pursuit. Also has anyone got any tips on sighting at a 100 yards? My pile is already top of the target at 80y. At this distance I anchor under the chin, to get good elevation. Cheers Tony:poulies:
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    Face Walking - is it legal in tournaments?

    I currently shoot recurve barebow and use different anchor points for different distances: 80y under the chin 60 & 50y index finger to corner of my mouth 40y middle finger to corner of my mouth 20y 3 fingers under. Could I use this in a GNAS competition? I know string walking is not allowed...
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    A Barebow Question

    A quick request for some advice here. When shooting barebow indoors at 20 yards it seems like '3 fingers under' and aiming off the tip gives a fairly good and consistent result. However... I want to use a med draw and anchor on the side of my face but don't know how I can aim? The 'gap' is way...
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    Broke the 500 Portsmouth barrier!

    Only my 3rd recorded Portsmouth. 1st: 492 2nd: 495 Then last night... 3rd: 520 :yummy: Very happy with that one. I'd have settled for 500 or 502 but a full 25 points! Okay, it's not even small change for all you 'proper' archers but hey. I notice the improvement with my bad arrows. I know...
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    Heeling the bow - What is it???

    I'm currently working on my bow hand - trying not to be a gripper. The shots go a whole lot better when I don't and the sequence feels lovely but old habits die hard. I use a Winstar II and the shape of the (somewhat angular) black handle dictates how best to position my hand. The contact is...
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    S.C.A. - A Parallel Trad Universe?

    I was just checking Yahoo Groups for archery when I came across such quotes as: and and Yahoo! Groups : Search Results I initially thought it could have something to do with computer gaming, but no it appears that a society has kingdoms all over the globe (apparently I live in Drachenwald)...
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    Bracing Height - An Odd Technical Question?

    Being not very technically minded, I was surprised when I read the following in my KAPII owner's manual: This is the exact opposite of what I would have expected. A higher brace height bends the limbs more, so more tension in the draw = more velocity? Apparently not. Does anyone know why...
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    Bracing Height - A Beginner's Question?

    It seems (and correct me if I'm wrong) that most bows have a bracing height tolerance of about half an inch, say between 8" and 81/2", or whatever depending on the bow etc. My question is how many twists can you put into a string to adjust this? Is is acceptable to put enough in to move the...
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    The Mental Game?

    Having recently read Alan Wills' blog I got thinking about how archers view the mental side of the sport. Wills felt he needed a "a do-or-die mentality - put everything in until your fingers bleed". On the other hand I've read stuff about the "zone", which appears to be a calm, collected...
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    Scores and Progression?

    Just a very basic question here. If you're shooting 12 x 3 arrows over 20 yards (recurve), what kind of consistent average score is generally considered good enough to warrant progress to 30 yards, then 40 yards and so on?
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    Correct Grip On The Bow

    I've been told that one should use a sling and let it dangle (which seems to make sense) but looking at some Olympic images I've noticed archers "pinching" the bow from the side, with their bow hands almost horizontal. A bit like this, but I've seen even more extreme examples: BBC SPORT |...
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    Kurdish Warbow

    Not quite sure where to put this, or if it is of any interest to anyone here. I am just re-reading an old favourite of mine "Xenophon - The Persian Expedition". Set in 401BC 10,000 Greek mercenaries march into Persia as part of a force intended to depose the Persian King. The plan goes wrong and...
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    Limbs - ???s = lbs?

    Something I've noticed, whilst browsing through various catalogues, is that you can buy limbs up to 36lbs for a reasonable price, say ?85-ish. As soon as you look for anything above that, the price rockets to ?250-?350! Why is that? My old jelly bow was 35lbs, so I would anticipate that I'll...
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    Another Question About Tabs

    Years back I owned a leather tab which had a loop for the middle finger and an inner layer of thinner, softer leather for added comfort. One feature of this inner layer was that (where the slit for the nock was) it extended inwards, a bit on either side, into two small rounded flaps of leather...