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    New string and cables

    I went with Flexarchery Soloflex strings and cables for a PSE stinger. Takes a about week for them to arrive from Spain.
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    New string and cable set

    Hi All I need to replace the string and cable set on my pse stinger extreme and am interested in your thoughts on soloflex strings. thanks
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    [COMPOUND] Quick disconnect for long rod

    Hi all i'm looking for cheap quick disconnect fitting for my compound bow, been looking at Alternative Archery site, can anyone make any suggestions don't want to spend than about a tenner. thanks
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    Avalon Classic point weight

    Hi i have just bought 12 Avalon Classic arrows at 600 spine and am planning to cut them to 27.5 inches, they come with break off points 100 to 80 grains. So would be interested know what weight would be best for this format. With the 100 grain point the arrows weigh 319.2 unglued at 27.5 inches...
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    need to buy some arrows

    HI i want to buy practice arrows and am looking at either maximal edge 6.2 or avalon classic 4.2, 28 inches at 500 spline for my compound bow at 50 lbs pull. Has anyone tried these. Thank you
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    asd pro series

    Hi I have recently become interested in archery again and have been shooting my 20 year old barnet safari compound. However i would like to get something a bit more modern. So i would like to ask you bow persons if any of you has shot the asd pro compound bow, i'm on a budget and don't intend...
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    Aim Archery East Sussex

    Hi I see Aim Archery has closed, is this for good, or just temporary. I spent a few hours there in the summer looking at the gear and found the staff very helpful. So does anyone know what happened to them. thanks