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  • Just wanted to say a big thanks for your supportive post re: the archery gb national series finals :) very VERY much appreciated
    Hi Andrew

    I have to agree with you regarding the Fiberbow twist scenario, I have a Fiberbow and I can set it up to look awful with the longrod out of alignment or I can achieve perfect alignment. I am afraid too many people just use limbs clips and look at a single line down the back of the bow and not a plane through the grip, long rod and limb bolts, that is where the energy is being transmitted along with the pressure of the bow hand. It must be frustrating telling the same thing over and over but I am afraid I was the only one of six candidiate county coaches that could sort a Hoyt HPX that apparantly had the long rod so far off that it would have to be sent back until I set the limbs and now it is shooting 50 below GMB scores and all in line so the basics are not getting through.

    Hi Andrew,

    I need a cheap but good boss for the garden. I am going to work on my form and only be shooting about 5-10 yards... just need something to stop the arrow....... I thought about hanging it in the shed......
    Ideas please...

    Thanks for that. I recently realised I have been asleep for far too long but now . . I have woken up and will be much more noisy on the forums and elsewhere.
    Thanks to you and your colleagues for the service and advice received on Monday.The guy that sorted out my arrows gave us a bit of coaching as well.I took what he said on board and went to my club today and smashed my pb's at 30m & 40m on an 80cm face.Well worth the 130 mile round trip.
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