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    To cut or not to cut, that is the question.

    I have been shooting my target compound bow for 23 months and am happy with it. I shoot 450 spine X 10s outdoors and 400 spine CE X Busters in doors. The X Busters go a little to the left indoors, so I move the sight over. Both sets of arrows are overlong, and the tips of the points are 2...
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    How best to go about fitting new cables and string on my compound.

    Got the string and cables, Winners Choice X8190. Got the Kaya bow press, Beiter string tools. Got the peep, new cable slide, new D-loop, mini serving tool and serving, speed buttons and a kisser. I have a length of plywood with the axle positions, D-loop position, speed buttons all marked...
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    DIY Arrow Cut Off Saw

    MDF and Plywood, with an Ebay Diamond cut off disc in an old Dremel. Photo and image hosting, free photo galleries, photo editing
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    Heavy Points or Pins on Big Shafts

    ProPoints or ProPins on large diameter carbon shafts? Pointy or Parabolic? Is one better than the other. Will there be less deflection with one type? To be used indoors 180gn weight points with 4"X-Vanes on the rear.
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    CE X Buster Points

    I can only find 120gn points for 400 spine X Busters. Are heavier ones available. The ProPoint site is not up to date, do they do a version that will fit at about 180gns?
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    Indoor Arrow length

    Should indoor arrows be longer than the outdoor arrows used with the same bow? Thinking X10's with 120gn points v's X7's with220gn points. Big feathers v's smallish fletches?
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    Users specifications for compound X10's

    I am about to put together a set of X10 arrows for compound use in straw targets 30 - 100yards. I have bought a set of second hand full length 450 spine X 10s and will cut them down to 27", nock to end of shaft. I shoot a 55#plus Elite XLR, Trophy Taker SS rest with an Arc wrist release. I...
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    Compound Arrow Advice

    After a 2 year break from recurve archery, I have started again. Using an Arc Systeme wrist release as I have a finger ligament problem, I am shooting an Elite XLR compund bow. The bow is set up at 50lb draw weight at present, but I hope to increase the draw weight as I progress. I was shooting...
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    Minor disability

    Having damaged a finger, snapped tendon. With the possibility of a permanantly bent middle finger on my right (drawing) hand. I may not be able to clear the string on release. Can I shoot in competitions using a compound release aid with a D-loop on my recurve. What alternatives are there...
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    Nock Fit

    I was wondering if my tied on nocking points were too close and affecting the nock at full draw and release. Using Easton G-nocks, there is 0.4mm clearance/gap with the string in tension on the bow, and the arrow nocked but not drawn back. When the arrow is at full draw, the nocking points may...
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    Adding weight to PinPoints

    Bought my Pinpoints. 150gn for Fatboys. My present Fatboy points are 160gn. Any ideas how to add weight to the solid Pinpoints. I have some magnets at 6gns each that I could superglue to the flat end of the Pinpoint then stick them in with a little hotmelt as per usual. The magnets hold well...
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    Easton Fatboy Super Unibush

    I have suddenly started grouping my Fatboys indoors and am in need of some replacement Easton Super Unibushes. I cannot find them on any websites. Plenty of stockists for acc and alloy unibushes, but none for the 500 Fatboys.
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    Sharkskin, dimples and what about arrows!

    As golf balls have dimples to go further. And the Speedo LZR, does the same thing in water reducing the surface tension through the water. Do the Easton Full metal Jacket arrows with their distinctive surface finish, go faster through the air.
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    Frostbite Arrows

    What arrows are recurve archers going to shoot in this years Frostbite series? I have shot my Navigators previously, but never scoring in excess of 310 points. I shoot indoors with Fatboy arrows, and have scored 270 in a Bray 1, ok it is indoors but an average of 9 points per arrow,compared to...
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    Making the Laminated Warbow

    Has anyone seen this DVD. It seems a good start to making Laminated/self bows.Reviews, comments.