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  1. Del the Cat

    T Draw vs Medieval/Warbow Draw

    This is NOT a heavy bow... it's just to try and illustrate the mechanics and to give you all something to argue/disagree with ;) while you are all stuck indoors. Del
  2. Del the Cat

    First Formal Flight Shoot

    I went up to the West Midlands Archery Society flight shoot with my 50#Boo/Yew ELB and my little Osage flight bow. They decided to class the Osage as an ALB, which was the closest sensible class despite it being a tad short. The shoot was slightly uphill and it was V windy. I overheard someone...
  3. Del the Cat

    New PB Flight Shot, or is it?

    Testing some flight arrows and I tried 'em first from my Osage flight bow which has a small cut out shelf. (Didn't want to risk 'em from the Yew ELB first shots). Due to lack of practice I couldn't get back to full draw (only about 80# @ 27" but a lot of early weight) they went about 280 yards...
  4. Del the Cat

    No Chat Box or Like Button?

    The title says it all really... is it just my ancient PC or maybe I'm being obtuse? Del
  5. Del the Cat

    Flight Arrow Leaving a Warbow!

    This was filmed at 1200 frames per second and replayed at a further 1/4 speed. Shot from my mk 2 shooting machine... Maybe I need a slightly stiffer spine ;) Del
  6. Del the Cat

    Indoor Club Shooting for Beginner

    Sorry in advance for a long meandering post:- I've been asked by my niece to make bows for her partner and her 10 yr old son (Both new to archery). I'm a tad iffy about the whole thing and anxious not to produce something inappropriate. They will be visiting to try some bows and have a go next...
  7. Del the Cat

    Del's Archer Automaton (must see)

    Trust me, you gotta see this video. It took a lot of fiddling and fettling to make the automaton, it's not supposed to be well finished or a thing of great artistry but it's supposed to give a good realistic motion. There are some gorgeouse Japanese archer automata which are beautiful, complex...
  8. Del the Cat

    Distance PB with a Self Bow

    I've been struggling to break 300 yards, I got 299 with a Hickory flight bow, but then it started to break down and chrysal on the belly. So I made another flight bow last week and got 307 yards. Osage bow 65-70# at 24" :) hopefully I'll get a little more out of it soon. Pics here Del OK there...
  9. Del the Cat

    Free 'Must Read' on Kindle!

    I bought a second hand Kindle to save carrying books on holiday. I just found this amongst their free books. It has an account of Ishi the last Yana Indian and loads of hunting tales. OK, you need to read it bearing in mind when it was written and the changing attitudes to hunting, but trust me...
  10. Del the Cat

    Achievement of one of my bows.

    I got a lovely E-mail this morning:- Hi Derek ... I came down to see you and you made me the yew primitive, well I'd just like to tell you that I'm still getting compliments on how good the bow looks and shoots. Last September I went to the NFAS national championships in the Lake District and...
  11. Del the Cat

    Longbow archers for TV!

    Have a look at this. It's a bit out of the way for me. Guildford Archery Club | Social and Competitive Archery ? 365 days a year It's not entirely obvious to whom the invitation extends. They do say to E-mail them if you intend to go, so that should be a check. I was asked by a 3rd party.... Del
  12. Del the Cat

    Bows at "The Range"

    I didn't know if I should be pleased or horrified! I was at the Range shop with the missus buying cushions, like you do. The was a recurve a compound and a jelly bow. The compound looked pretty hefty and was about ?40 I think. It did require ID to buy it. The packaging was such that I could hold...
  13. Del the Cat

    Bamboo Backed Yew ELB 40# at 28"

    This bow was built by me to commission as a target bow but the buyer disappeared. It's fast, and you can follow the full build along and testing on my blog. Pics of finished bow here:- Bowyer's Diary: Target Bow Finished It shoots a 380 gn arrow at 154 fps (5/16" cedar sshaft 100gn field point...
  14. Del the Cat

    Strung limbs

    Ah, sone some searching on the web and found this article. V informative. Del
  15. Del the Cat

    Correct usage of Compound Bow ;)

    Taking a Pheasant with a compound. Del
  16. Del the Cat

    What happened to the "gay archery" thread?

    Ah some good old nature vs nurture stuff here :) Despite trying to provide equal play opportunites etc, there is undoubtedly a gender divide. What I hate is the stereotypes rammed down our throats by marketing men and the media. You only have to look at a shampoo or toothpaste advert full of...
  17. Del the Cat

    The Tennessee Classic

    I just got back from the Tennessee Classic Traditional Bow meet. It gave me a different perspective on field shooting, archery and hunting. There are 2 posts on my blog with plenty of pics. Note:- Anyone shooting compound or target recurve with all the bells and whistles may not like the...
  18. Del the Cat

    Great SloMo Video Clips

    This link was posted on Primitive Archer, it's NOT my stuff. There are some clips that are well worth a look. Puujousi TIR-Bow - YouTube If you look down the list of videos there is a bow breaking on the tiller. A bow with assymetric tiller and a whole series of different spine arrows being shot...
  19. Del the Cat

    Tudor Monastery Farm Archery...

    You can catch it on iplayer if you missed it... It starts at the 40:00 mark I'm pretty pleased with what they showed although it's brief, and I have no idea what they are carrying in the intro scene, it must have been cobbled together to form a link... they are certainly not my bows (if they...
  20. Del the Cat

    Whistling Walnut!

    Gotta find something to tinker with after Christmas!... Can you make a whistling arrow from a walnut shell? Have a look and listen here :) Bowyer's Diary: Whistling Walnut! Enjoy, note the tiny little Osage bow I test it with. Del