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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    Watched the darts last night and Fallon Sherrock was the first woman in the World Champs to beat a man. Not a freak occurance, just some really good darts by both players. Why are we still splitting the two in archery, particularly indoors where poundage means nothing?
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    Rules of shooting - Vegas 300

    AGB have introduced a Vegas 300, mirroring the Vegas from the US including super fat arrows and 30 arrows shot. - rule 409a refers. The 'old' vegas round is still recognised. What are our thoughts - shooting...
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    Border Hex 6.6H Long 36#

    Hi Selling my Border Hex 6.6 H Email if interested for details, pics £300
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    AGB ranking - single rounds

    Hi all Its the new season and the new rankings will start to take effect. AGB updated their latest document on 23 March: A couple of interesting points re tier 3 events: "Two-day events will...
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    Position of thumb in draw hand

    Hi all Just been watching "#ArcheryIsMyLife - Technical Video Patrick Huston January 2018" - two minute YouTube video. Great short video on the technical aspects of his shot I've not come across the thumb position and bow hand like this before. Looks interesting, but not sure of the benefit, PH...
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    Indoor classification - why are ladies and gents scores different?

    I'm sure this must have been covered before, but I was wondering why the indoor classification scores were different for gents and ladies. eg. "C" Class Portsmouth Gents 554 Ladies 534 WA18 Gents 516 Ladies 479 etc.... The discipline is the same. Bow weight makes no difference when shooting...
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    Decline of H2H evidenced by AGB Ranking list

    Hi Just reviewing the AGB Ranking list for 2017 - only 155 Gent Recurves. In 2016 - 204 gent recurves. In 2015 - 233 gent recurves Not checked the other categories. Is this evidence of the decline in clubs running WA70/WA50 with H2H? There are plenty of WA70s run during the season, but very few...
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    Bow gets louder as I shoot longer

    I have found that when I first set up and start shooting my bow is nice and quiet. As the session goes on (say 3 dozen in) it gets louder. The brace height remains the same (I have checked). Tiller remains the same. All bolts seem to be tight. Stabilizers are tight. Sight is tight. All the...
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    Easton FMJ Match

    Hi all I was looking at arrows for the coming outdoor season and came across these - New for 2017. Has anyone shot them yet? More weighty than ACEs. ?150 cheaper than X10s. Cheers
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    Arrow spine for Hex 6.6

    Hi all A subject that's been covered a number of times but I'm still getting confusing results. Set up: 25" Riser Long Hex 6.6 making 70" bow Draw 31" Limbs 36# On the fingers 43# +4mm Tiller 7.25" brace height Center shot just about 0 - a smidge outside Shooting both X7 2214 & ACE 430 ACE -...
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    H2H for 2017 season

    On the back of the thread about GNAS vs WA rounds I thought I'd post something about the availability of Olympic/H2H rounds. Up until 2016 our club ran a Olympic H2H at the beginning of July. This was born from running a National Series event until 2013. We continued running WA 70 plus H2H...