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  1. Berny

    Some "Border" takesdowns over the years ....

    Some "Border" takedowns over the years .... The first "Border" TD was George Birnie's Royal Scots Bows "Executive" (circa '65), with a wooden riser, very much in the style of the Wing Presentation II. (I've never seen one, although may have a photograph of one & some brochure/advert pics)...
  2. Berny

    Vintage British bows (& bow market)

    .....having acquired all the pictures etc. from the Bow History Wiki a couple of years ago, I've been trying to figure the best/easiest of re-presenting that info. whilst allowing people to contribute. I did develop (still have) the barebones of a website, but .... ....After much umming &...
  3. Berny

    Derek Gunson & his bows - Yorkshire area?

    Anyone know/knew Derek Gunson - former field champion circa '69-'7x, in particular he was a bit of a bowyer making bows for himself & some others, including Barbara Fielding who was ladies field champ in the same time frame & i am led to believe shot a Derek Gunson bow. What i'm looking for is...
  4. Berny

    Roy King Flatbows

    Anybody out there got any Roy King flatbows - care to share some pictures and info. with us please? I know there are some people who were friends with Roy (e.g. SelfyewBow), perhaps you/they may care to comment on this topic please? ....& in case anyone is wondering, no i don't have one of...
  5. Berny

    1947 at Ben Pearson's, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    ....whilst Ben might not be one of our indigenous bowyers his products were certainly amongst the first from the USA to be imported/retailed here. ....& later for the purists/pedants (me) our own George Birnie (ex. Royal Scots Bows) gave them "hyper-kinetic" limbs ('73-76) before the...
  6. Berny

    Longbow care

    I'm zure zomeone waz azking about thiz recently - thiz illuztratez "winter" care .... ....the radiator zhould be az long az your bow (for even warmth).
  7. Berny

    Wannabe bowyers ....CAVEAT EMPTOR

    ....ok, so i haven't had a go my self (got a tri-lam stave just sitting waiting), a few cosmetic bits & pieces is all i've done, but this one just looks wrong! Traditional Ash wood English Longbow (selfbow) 25lbs @ 28" 72" long | eBay about hinges & whip-ended.... .... look at that...
  8. Berny

    Moses going for "extinctive" archery rather than Exodus?

    Here's Moses with a longbow: & a "recurve": & a "triangle"/"angular" bow? ....or is a "recurve" strung backwards?
  9. Berny

    Stringing a (heavy) horsebow using a double-loop stringer or "kemend"

    There's another thread current, where someone accidentally bought a #80 horsebow & can't string it. The technique of using a double-loop string or "kemend" is just as applicable to light-weight horsebows esp. where there is a risk of poor technique e.g. step-through method or even normal...
  10. Berny

    Using & making a "kemend"

  11. Berny

    The great POG debate.

  12. Berny

    Robert Elmer's "Archery" illustration ....

    Here's an illustration from Robert Elmer's "Archery" (1926) - an activity later reprised most famously by Lilia Stepanova. I don't have a copy of "Archery" ....perhaps anyone who anyone who does could take a look & let me the know the context of the illustration (& scan & post) please.
  13. Berny

    Another bargain opportunity ....

    .... only ?10.99 incl. postage they'll sell out quick!
  14. Berny

    More EXTINCTIVE archery equipment ....

    buy it now! here! Caveat emptor!
  15. Berny

    Nocking the "old" way .... illustrated here by former British Champion Frank Bilson (of Yeoman, Jack the) & Macdonald Hasting (journalist & father of Max) using a Yeoman bow & here's a video of another British Champ, Tom Foy, recently passed, employing the technique whilst on his way to win the British Masters...
  16. Berny

    RIP - Tom Foy ....

  17. Berny

    'Ullo John! Gotta a new bow?

    Remember that catchy tune by Alexei Sayle, well .... ....I've gotta new bow though, courtesy ?kos Ker?kgy?rt? of Akosbow in Hungary. Won it as particpant in lucky draw form first 1000 likes & shares. It's his "Hungarian" model, appears to be ash limbs with clear glass over, ash siyahs, nicely...
  18. Berny

    A Border Archery whoosh from the past (1978)

    On BBC Alba tonight was: British Connnection - Kelso (circa 1978), from 27:01, features Border Archery's Robin Robeson from 43:58, shooting a "Comet", with later 44:25 (a young) Dave Johnston (still there now) filing a riser in the Mellerstain factory. See here (click!)