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  1. Greenman

    Flat bows in 16/17 th centuries

    Anybody know what form flatbows would have taken, would they have had a "riser", what woods, and as laminated longbows came in around then, would they have been laminated?
  2. Greenman

    Article on making a Warbow

    Skirmish Magazine May 2008, an article on making a Warbow by Jonathan Davies on making a warbow under the instruction of Steve Stratton. Worth a look, the rest of the magazine isn't bad either, Can be found in W H Smiths amongst other places. Don't know what GNAS would make of the dress codes...
  3. Greenman

    [Horsebow] Scythian Arrows

    Scythian arrows were apparently 17"-!9" long, they shot them with a 2 fingered release, but how do you shoot an arrow that short? The Scythians obviously did quite well with them, and didn't come unstuck till they met the Samations and Pathians who shot 30" arrows. Just curious how you could...
  4. Greenman

    Archetypal English Archer Hero

    Forget Robin Hood...... William of Cloudesley. Medieval ballad featuring Evil crones, loyal wife, sword fights, wand shooting (400 yds), gibbets, apple on son's head at 140 yds and this bit predates Wil Tell. Good honest English yeoman, no pretensions to grandeur, like the Earl of Huntingdon. As...
  5. Greenman

    Trilobe arrowheads

    Do you align the blades with the fletchings or should one of the blades be vertical? Suspect it doesn't make a blind bit of difference, but curious as to whether or not there is a convention for this.
  6. Greenman

    Mole hunting

    A recent convert to this forum, has been having trouble with moles in his garden, having tried traps he found they just dug round them. So he has been sitting out with a rather powerful compound bow shooting telegraph poles at the mole hills when he saw the soil move, no luck so far! Oh , and...
  7. Greenman

    [American Flatbow] Slazenger Type Flat Bow ?

    Have just acquired a Flatbow, suspect it is from the 1970's to 1980's. Length 66" Poundage 37lbs. It is a double laminate plus riser and backed with a course fabric. It is marked at one end "Made in London" and "Made in England" at the other. The Fabric backing is cracked, so I am considering...
  8. Greenman

    Fletcher's workshop

    Was having a chat with a builder and he told me about a house he had renovated, it was old and he was stripping off Victorian plaster when he came across rows of small holes going right through the very thick walls to the outside, they weren't ventilation holes and on making enquiries was told...
  9. Greenman

    Charges at "Have a Go's"

    Just wondering what we should charge for say 6 arrows, we have got GNAS approved procedure sorted out but have no idea what would be reasonble, current thinking is 6 arrows for ?1. It is at a local Gala.
  10. Greenman

    Deer stops play

    We were all quite happily shooting last night when a Red deer joined us, so we all had to stop whizzing arrows around, while the deer ran round the field a few times before leaving us with a spectacular bound. It was a pleasant interlude between looking for arrows. The deer was lucky our...
  11. Greenman

    Strained wrist

    One of our juniors has strained her wrist, the drawing hand, no bruising visable. Any ideas as to how she did it, and if so, what to do about it? Low Poundage bow, and no previous problems.
  12. Greenman

    Archer's Reference

    Have just copied Murray's work on to several CDs, with the intention of passing them on to the juniors, am thinking that it should be made more accessible, I know it can found in the links section, but it deserves to be more evident, perhaps a link from the home page or something. A lot of the...
  13. Greenman

    Another GNAS rule needed

    As we didn't have a Club trip last year we decided we needed one this year, so on noticing that there was a Medieval Battle Reenactment and Archery Tournament at Tatton Hall decided to make that the venue. This suggestion was well received ,especially by the Junior girls who wanted to know if...
  14. Greenman

    Cock feather and.....

    So what are the other 2 called ? I know they arn't hen feathers.
  15. Greenman

    Best arrows for Have a go's and beginners?

    Currently using Troopers (fibreglass). So requirements are for cheap, easily maintained and durable arrows that don't fly like tree trunks. Any suggestions? Oh and forgot, SAFE.
  16. Greenman

    5 go to .....Archery World

    Our 5 junior girls have decided to buy their own bows, with that in mind we suggested that one of us go with them and help, and that they go separately, however all five want to go at once. I have tried to explain that an archery shop isn't like "New Look" or "Monsoon", but I just get looked at...
  17. Greenman

    Archery club Choir !

    We have recently acquired 5, 15 yr old girls from the local grammar school, they are coming along nicely and are into their third week and starting to shoot well. However they have started to sing on the shooting line, we had harmonies last night, now we have a fairly loose shooting line (we do...
  18. Greenman

    Ethnic diversity on the shooting line

    After watching a programme on the origins of the English nation last night, it left me wondering about the ethnic diversity in English Archery. Bearing in mind that most cultures have used the bow you would expect a more varied shooting line from our multicultural society, however it does seem...
  19. Greenman

    Shooting line rules!

    We have just had our AGM and shooting line discipline was first on the agenda, it is every year. And this is what they came up with; 1. No swearing/offensive language. 2.No fighting on the line. 3.Have to obey the Club Captain (within reason). 4. No stamping (of feet). 5.No broadheads or...
  20. Greenman

    English Archery Federation

    What is it?