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    Protective shading - potential rules violation

    I was browsing Bimble's latest excellent photos from the Battle of Basing, and noticed this photo. It shows an archer providing another archer with shade while they are shooting: The thing is, providing...
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    Info needed: Decut Surock Plus String Jig

    Morning all, I've a couple of questions about the above jig and wondered whether anyone could help me out. Firstly, I'm wondering how far apart the posts are; not from end to end of course, as that's adjustable, but how far is each post from its nearest partner? Secondly, is the worm thread...
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    Backpack: Gillo vs Avalon Tec One

    After three years of use, I discovered that my Gillo backpack is nearly completely worn through on one side of the base. I'm a bit annoyed about this; I love the form and function of the backpack, but I think it should have lasted longer than that. Anyway, I'm looking around for another bag at...
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    Barebow Selecting the right arrow for stringwalking indoors

    The indoor season is upon us, and my first as a stringwalker. I'm hoping to get some advice on how to select an aluminium arrow that will come close to getting the point on the target face. Currently, I'm shooting a Border Tempest 25in with XL CV-H limbs, giving 37.5lbs at 31 3/4in draw. I'm...
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    Barebow Stringwalking - spaces between metre marks

    I'm busy getting marks for all my distances (every 5m) and I've noticed something interesting. So far, I've been able to check 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m, and then every 5m up to 50m. Between 5 and 10m, my tab marks are 9mm different. From 10m to 15m, it's about 5mm difference. Then from 15m to 30m...
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    Barebow Source for Black Widow barebow tab

    Looking for the above :) The usual mail order suspects don't seem to list it, so if you know of a dealer who can definitely get them, I'd appreciate knowing about it. I'm talking about the three-fingers under model. My split finger ones are great, but it's tricky stringwalking when your crawl...
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    Easton Carbon One spine advice

    Could anyone with direct experience of both arrows advise me which Easton Carbon One arrow spine tunes closest to the ACE 520? Is it the 500 or the 550? I know all-carbon arrow shafts have a reputation for tuning a little stiffer than their alloy counterparts; hence the question.
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    Barebow Competing in barebow in a hurry

    I might have to switch to barebow for the World Masters Games in a terrible hurry. I have 15 days before I fly out, and limited practice time once I'm in Auckland. So, I really need some advice on making the switch: essential rules to know, set up hints and tips, etc. I'll be stringwalking...
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    For Sale 8 x Easton ACG 480s, mint condition, pins and points

    Bought these a while back to try with my new HEX7.5 limbs, but I've since realised they'll be too weak. They are mint condition, uncut, with 120gr break off points and pins. Total shaft length is 32in. ?100 including postage within the UK.
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    Where can I find 8125 in the UK

    I'm almost out of white BCY 8125, and I'm having trouble finding a stockist in the UK. I'd prefer to stick with what I know, rather than switching to 8125G. Does anyone know where I can find some? Cheers.
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    For Sale Bernardini Luxor, RH, Special Colour (Azure) + Weight kit

    For sale is the lovely Luxor I bought new directly from Bernardini a while ago. I've probably shot about 600 arrows through it. It's a lovely, lovely thing, but the reality is that I much prefer my battered old Best Zenit or shiny new Border Tempest, so this has to go. The colour - azure - is...
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    Arrow spine advice for HEX7.5s

    Looking for some advice and experience with HEX7.5s and arrow spine, shooting off a rest and plunger (preferably target, but barebow info also useful. My draw length (following coaching) is now 31 1/2in to the back of the bow, and I hope to be shooting in the 40 to 42lb range by next spring...
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    Bowfest 2016 photos

    Not as many this year; I was too busy shooting my bow rather than my camera :) Friday: Sunday...
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    For Sale Border HEX7-H, long, 39lbs @ 28in

    It's with great reluctance that I'm selling these gorgeous limbs. I bought them a while back, with the intention of working up to the draw weight, but I have to accept it's going to be a while before I can shoot over 40lbs for an entire day of competition. Also, I have a trip to the World...
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    Wanted 2 x 12in W&W HMC+ side rods, black.

    As in the title.
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    For Sale SF and Samick limbs

    Samick Privilege limbs, 70in 26lbs - ?30 SF Axiom+ limbs, 70in 32lbs, never shot - ?40 Postage extra. Payment by PayPal preferred.
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    For Sale Stabilisers (Soma, Easton, W&W, SF)

    Soma CEX5 long rod, 28in, no weights - ?35 W&W HMC long rod, 28in, no weights - ?35 Easton ACE long rod (old style), 29in, no weights - ?30 2 X SF Axiom+ twins, 10in, single end cap weights - ?30 the pair Postage extra. Payment by PayPal preferred (including fees).
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    Name that riser

    The archer on the right of this photo is shooting a very interesting looking riser: - Photo Gallery - OS4A0739 Anyone know the make and model? Or is it a custom/home-made job?
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    For Sale SF 70in limbs for sale

    SF Axiom, 70in 32lbs, as new, ?35: Bought as a lighter training set, never used. All I did was string them up and check they were straight, which they are. SF Premium, 70in 30lbs, moderate use, ?30: Shot these for a little while, so there are a few marks; such as a small chip in the finish on...
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    For Sale Easton ACE 29in longrod

    The older model, I bought this off Ebay as a back up. I don't like the way it feels, and now have another back up, so it has to go :) ?35 + P&P. No weights included. PayPal only. Postage will be calculated and agreed before posting.