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  1. Berny

    Crooked String on Limb Tip

    Some Khans have string bridges! You don't appear to have one (or both)? Have you lost them? Were they ever there? Tell us more about the history of your bow pls? see here, you can just see the string bridges!
  2. Berny

    Crooked String on Limb Tip

    Think the two suggestions/observations so far cover it: - the string has too many twists in it which propagate into the loops - untwist it some more & try again; - the limb may be twisted - try counter twisting. You say the brace height is correct - what is it supposed to be & what do you have...
  3. Berny

    New string

    How many strands of what material? Where was the break? What type? - I'm guessing flemish twist .... how long were your tails i.e. after the loops & twistedback into the main bundles?
  4. Berny

    Sagittarius Blackboard missing?

    Had a quick look & found an "interesting" (to me) short thread: The link to the pics still works & show a 1973 County Archery "Impala", with limbs that look to have been made by Border Bows.... .... County Archery were a...
  5. Berny

    Posting a longbow

    A few quotes from 210x10x10cm 2kg. I usually end up using TNT Express - the cheapest & never had a problem. N.B. i use to order pickup of bows i've bought - never used it to send a bow though - never sold one!
  6. Berny

    loading the arrow onto the bow. RECURVE

    Illn. 4 as Frank Bilson nocked .... & Ann Marston .... & Tom Foy .... Always looked awkward to me but they all shot rather well, so it's nothing to do with how you nock ;-)
  7. Berny

    See link above

    See link above
  8. Berny

    Arrows making a noise

    what shape & height are your fletches! i made a couple of sets using crow & pidgeon feathers cut to length but not height - they all whirred when shot!
  9. Berny

    See here: "Atletic" bows in the UK .....

    See here: "Atletic" bows in the UK .....
  10. Berny

    i've got an old Perris catalogue/brochure page for the Atletic - if you like I can post it here!

    i've got an old Perris catalogue/brochure page for the Atletic - if you like I can post it here!
  11. Berny

    Some "Border" takesdowns over the years ....

    Some "Border" takedowns over the years .... The first "Border" TD was George Birnie's Royal Scots Bows "Executive" (circa '65), with a wooden riser, very much in the style of the Wing Presentation II. (I've never seen one, although may have a photograph of one & some brochure/advert pics)...
  12. Berny

    Vintage British bows (& bow market)

    .....having acquired all the pictures etc. from the Bow History Wiki a couple of years ago, I've been trying to figure the best/easiest of re-presenting that info. whilst allowing people to contribute. I did develop (still have) the barebones of a website, but .... ....After much umming &...
  13. Berny

    Super Mirage - info sought

    .... & now in Quicks 81/82: .... which supports my previous suggestion: - Mirage - random hardwoods in 3-lam riser; - Deluxe Mirage - single central Rosewood lam. in riser; - Super Mirage - 2 outer Rosewood lams around central ? lam.; - Super (Mirage) limbs - Rosewood fadeouts.
  14. Berny

    Super Mirage - info sought

    Mirage appeared circa '82/'83, first ad. i've seen mention it is from '83. Just found Quicks 80/81 Catalogue with the Mirage: It could well be the exoticness of the woods either in the riser and/or the limb laminations e.g. the difference between a Falcon & Super Falcon.... ....where the...
  15. Berny

    Derek Gunson & his bows - Yorkshire area?

    Anyone know/knew Derek Gunson - former field champion circa '69-'7x, in particular he was a bit of a bowyer making bows for himself & some others, including Barbara Fielding who was ladies field champ in the same time frame & i am led to believe shot a Derek Gunson bow. What i'm looking for is...
  16. Berny

    Roy King Flatbows

    Anybody out there got any Roy King flatbows - care to share some pictures and info. with us please? I know there are some people who were friends with Roy (e.g. SelfyewBow), perhaps you/they may care to comment on this topic please? ....& in case anyone is wondering, no i don't have one of...
  17. Berny

    What's Your Bow Colour Scheme?

    Shedua & bubinga! ;-)
  18. Berny

    1947 at Ben Pearson's, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    ....whilst Ben might not be one of our indigenous bowyers his products were certainly amongst the first from the USA to be imported/retailed here. ....& later for the purists/pedants (me) our own George Birnie (ex. Royal Scots Bows) gave them "hyper-kinetic" limbs ('73-76) before the...
  19. Berny

    String Still Stretching or something else?

    See pic, top endless-loop, bottom laid-in flemish twist
  20. Berny

    Longbow care

    I'm zure zomeone waz azking about thiz recently - thiz illuztratez "winter" care .... ....the radiator zhould be az long az your bow (for even warmth).