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  1. dottorfoggy

    X10 are so weak

    I think I'm done with X10 and I'm considering to go back to the ace or something else. With my 32,5" draw lenght the tip is so weak that every time i hit the wood frame of the target, for a mistake, they will immediately explode and is so painful lol Is just me with this experience? I didn't get...
  2. dottorfoggy

    Bow explode after a release and broke nock

    So this is it after a broke nock at the realese Nothing happened to me, the bow just fall in parts after this dry shoot, but the most strange thing, it began little louder shooting. I have check every single bolt/screw, tuning is the same, no change in tiller/brace/alignment. An accurate...
  3. dottorfoggy

    New string

    Helping a club shooter to make a new string for his bow, tempest 25" and hex 6.6 70" Yesterday in practice session his string broke in two pieces after he released, no injuries fortunately. He have a 29" draw, with 40# at the finger with the limbs full screwed in. How long have to be the...
  4. dottorfoggy

    Beiter v-box

    Few months ago I bought the new v-box. I tried to tune it but I need more small weights to set the proper weight balance. How do you use it? Do you like it on recurve? I'm on recurve, 32+15+3 fiber bow s3 with 46# and 32" draw
  5. dottorfoggy

    Training target

    Indoor is coming and I want to keep training hard. So, I can't trading every day at my club range and I'm looking to see if some of you are using some kind of target, really solid at short distance. Actually the only target I have is in foam, between 20/25cm deep that we use outside. The big...
  6. dottorfoggy

    [RECURVE] How do you use dampers and weights? I found really useful Crhis Hill tutorial to find out the most silence and stable setting I also use fiberbow s3
  7. dottorfoggy

    When is time to upgrade to x-10?

    So, you guys, what do you think on move to x10 from ace? There is a limit on the ace shaft that can improve the x10? Is three years now that I'm in archery and just now I'm considering to maybe do this upgrade, it will worth?
  8. dottorfoggy

    For Sale Long limbs and 27" prodigy xt

    Hoyt formula 840 30# long brand new, used a couple on month Hoyt formula 720 34# long, used 2 years, a couple of dents on the paint job, nothing related to the integrity of the limb, work perfectly. Hoyt formula prodigy xt 27" right, no scratch, original grip plus ortho grip, plus beiter...
  9. dottorfoggy

    W&W nano max 27", find the right limbs

    Actually I'm considering to swap to w&w on a NANO max 27" from my 27" prodigy xt How can i choose the right poundage for the limbs considering to have 43# @33"? With limbs bolts totally unscrewed. Geometry isn't the same, xt is more pushing.
  10. dottorfoggy

    Exchange 27" prodigy xt

    Anyone interested to change your prodigy RX to my XT turquoise? No defect and do his job really good, just want to try another riser. Based in finland Daniele
  11. dottorfoggy


    Hi! Indoor season is ready to start and I'm looking something big and lighter than my 2314 I have 43# and 32" amo right now. The 2314 work good but they feel too heavy for my # Anyone have tries the fatboy? They can be used at 18mt competition?
  12. dottorfoggy

    tiller on 2 sets limbs, plus how straight they are

    today i was looking at my tiller and limbs alignment and i found to have my upper limbs 12mm shorter, on the 840 have a prodigy xt 27" with 840 30# right now and the 720 34#, 33,5# AMO draw lenght here some number to show, with all standard setting on the bow, and 3 turns on the bolt screw...
  13. dottorfoggy

    Arrows Telescopic Tube with Arrows Holder

    anyone using this tube? i think to try it when i place the next order from my shop, maybe can save the sping wings.
  14. dottorfoggy

    On Test: Easton vs Carbon Express

    Tom Hall, GB olympian archer test the x10 vs nano pro extreme here the blog what do you think?
  15. dottorfoggy

    new hoyt limbs line?

    i need to to change my limbs and was looking for the carbon ACE formula but looks like are discontinued, any news on the new line or they no more longer available in the future?
  16. dottorfoggy

    thinking of border

    It's a shame that I didn't know about border when I was looking for my new bow last year, actually with 34" AMO my 27" prodigy xt with long limbs still looks a little bit short for me. The idea is to change to the border tempest 27" + extra long limbs. I really love it! I get the opportunity to...
  17. dottorfoggy

    Easton ACE 430 32" - from finland

    23 Easton ace 430 spine 32" long from nock center to end to the shaft 12 used just in competition - one have a small sign just behind the point, nothing relevant 11 used in training - still good to shoot even at 90mt, i can till manage to shoot them all in gold - the 12' was a robin hood :(...
  18. dottorfoggy

    different point can change spine?

    indoor season is coming and i'm tuning my x23 outdoor. my question is, inner side length of the point, can change the spine? see the picture below as you can see, same grain, offer different length, i'm shoting with the gaspro, 190g on the 2314 32-1/2" long, on 43# and they are stiff. can...
  19. dottorfoggy

    over 33" shaft?

    wich brand and model shaft are sold more than 33"? i know just x10, there is more brand that produce so long shaft? the idea is to shoot the upcoming indoor season with 2314* that are over 34" i think and than find a good carbon for the next outdoor
  20. dottorfoggy

    Nocks, which one and why?

    after shooting a while, i'm thinking to understand which nocks work better and are more durable. i've tried beiter nock and pin-nock, the first one with a 37# bow and the second with 43# -from the standard beiter nock i dind't get any big failure, just on some of them, a noticeable bend, some...