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  1. Kernowlad

    Broken finger

    My poor son (11) broke his little finger last week; we were practising long rugby passes on the beach, I threw it, he caught it badly. It’s quite a nasty break on his right side; twisted and broken. So the poor chap can’t use the surfboard that was made for him and my wife and finished the day...
  2. Kernowlad

    Low maintenance

    Just picked up my trusty Mybo Origin and it struck me how little it asks of me. Apart from the odd string wax, I do nothing to it yet pick it up, check carefully for any signs of wear and there are none. It just works. When you do other stuff that needs a load of extra maintenance and stuff...
  3. Kernowlad

    New Hoyts

    So this weeks Hoyt bows start at £1500 and the 40” version is over £1600. Do they aim for you? That’s slightly crazy money..
  4. Kernowlad

    Arrows for field

    Another cracking tournament yesterday near Brixham. I’ve sussed close range now (all 24s) and good on long range (where I use my precious ACGs) but definitely struggling on the medium range stuff; 25-45 yards. But that’ll hopefully improve with experience. My son shot well too in stunning...
  5. Kernowlad

    Very short range.

    Most of the field shoot went well yesterday; my distance judging improved and at 20-50 yards all was good; over 50 and I underestimated twice but that?s easily sortable. However whoever designed the course clearly decided to make life very tricky for compounds: fair enough as we?re all evil...
  6. Kernowlad


    I?ve just had a stern ticking off regarding insurance and a field shoot we did yesterday. I had received no reminder that membership needed renewing (March 31st apparently) so quite simply forgot to renew (no reminder was sent BTW) but realised yesterday and paid online at 7am before our first...
  7. Kernowlad

    First field tournament

    Me and my son shot our first field tournament today and absolutely loved it! The variety is just great, we enjoyed the ?guess the range? challenge, I was dreadful at a couple of ultra short range targets (they definitely made life hard for compounds!), got a decent number of shots I was pleased...
  8. Kernowlad

    Sight markings

    First tournament being shot next weekend; I keep my sight marking saved on my phone; is it okay to refer to a mobile when shooting? I can?t remember them all!
  9. Kernowlad

    More action... a Rotary Club AGM. This poor forum seems to get less and less traffic; I check every few days and maybe find one more post? Clearly chat for the sake of it is silly but it's sad to see a good, useful and often funny forum grind to a halt. Is it because of FB groups? Is archery getting less...
  10. Kernowlad

    Click, THWACK!

    Just did a video of my shooting; no idea how to host it here but I love that release click followed VERY closely by the thwack as it hits the target (only 16m away); highlights how powerful these compound bows are. Oh and it hit the bull too; the next arrow (not videoed) shot one of its vanes off!
  11. Kernowlad

    Potentially busy June

    Three Sundays of field tournaments in June; one is a bit far but we'll try and make them. Rather exciting! Sadly the others clash with our 5 week annual Summer trip away and a weekend of Coastguard training. Any of you have any/many planned?
  12. Kernowlad

    Bow maintenance

    Me and my son are definitely ?occasional? archers with fairly decent kit. I like to look after my stuff and am aware that apart from waxing the strings and a bit of light dusting, I do very little to ?look after? our bows; mines a Mybo Origin, his is a Hoyt Ruckus. Anything else we should be...
  13. Kernowlad

    A pretty decent score at last - Frostbite

    First time with stabliser rods (which I apparently out on the wrong way!) and managed to beat my coach who usually thrashes me. Slightly windy and very muddy on the shooting line but well chuffed. 30m, 36 arrows, 80cm face. Hooray!
  14. Kernowlad

    Luddite goon

    I always thought stabiliser rods were a bit daft but got a long rod just so the bow stand worked. Anyway it came with a V bar, two shorts rods and a few weights. Thought I?d stick them on (I bought the rods well over a year ago) and Hey Presto, the bow seems to stay in place and wobble far less...
  15. Kernowlad

    Archery on yer phone

    Okay so this isn't very high brow but does anyone play any archery games on their phone/Ipad/whatever? I've got quite fond of Archery Elite 3D 2019 (punchy name huh) and just like real archery, I seem to flip between near unbeatable (you play against other players on-line) and complete and utter...
  16. Kernowlad

    Where is everyone?

    This poor forum seems to be grinding to a halt. Is it FB groups or something else? It was reasonably lively when I joined almost two years ago.
  17. Kernowlad

    How accurately aligned do cams need to be?

    I've never been all that happy with the draw cycle of my Mybo Origin and I think it's contributed to a lot of my issues with archery. However the cams looked aligned and I've checked the limbs are exactly the same tension many times - but I did look more closely at the cams on Saturday and they...
  18. Kernowlad

    First proper field shoot

    Today and we (me and my son) LOVED it! Adds multiple new dimensions to archery and we had a ball. Need to improve our distance estimation a bit but still did better than expected. We were the only compounders out of about 20 archers; always seems to attract lots of attention. Lost four vanes...
  19. Kernowlad

    Portsmouth PB broken at last

    After too long in the doldrums I finally broke my PB of 543 with a slightly better 546; okay so it?s still pretty modest but I?m not shooting a lot and I?m pleased with it. A couple of slight issues; me and the other compound archer in the club struggle with the weird lighting we have indoors...
  20. Kernowlad

    Wide vs narrow V rest - speed difference?

    After having major issues with draw wobbles I swapped to a wider V rest and have been getting on well with it - however I have noticed I've need to raise the bow a touch (lower the sights). Does having a wider V slow the arrows down much? My indoor aluminiums are fatter so probably less affected...