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  1. steve Morley

    Barebow Video Finals WA3D Worlds champs in France

    This covers all shooting styles in team finals, unusual finals location in center of Avignon, Palace of Popes. Good to meet old friends from UK and great to see USA send a full team and we're very impressed with the whole thing. It was nice to see Russian now growing into a strong WA3D team...
  2. steve Morley

    Barebow World Games Barebow, please support

    If you have time today watch the Barebow finals live on World Archery Facebook Live page, it gripping stuff and it's important to support them as if not enough interest, Barebow will be cut from next games. Men's Barebow Shoot-up: Women's...
  3. steve Morley

    Barebow New Tab that I think will work well for me

    I got this Baremax Tab from IXPE 3 weeks before Dublin but it was so different from the Bateman I didn't want to be messing my head with it, I'm done with 3D/Field for this year and re-tuned the bow for this Tab, the crawls are very different so dialing into it at just 20 yards for Indoor season...
  4. steve Morley

    Barebow A bad Stringwalking habit

    Had a hard practice time last night, really whacking my Nose on the long shots, in the end I started to get Nose panic lol Did some work this morning and figured a bad habit in my sequence which fixed the problem, something easy to forget when so focused. when I'm counting my crawls I'm...
  5. steve Morley

    Rio letdown

    Watching our Estonian girl last night in Rio, she lost all her sets and was done in around 5min. One thing that struck me was her Coach looked even more nervous than the Archer, how can an Archer shoot with any confidence when the Coach visibly has none. She was positive on her interview...
  6. steve Morley

    Barebow My first ever WA field round

    Shot a couple of WA marked field rounds, first attempt as BB, still snow on the ground and subzero temps so not ideal conditions. Pretty happy with 314/309, once the warmer weather kicks in I think I can improve on those scores. I kept well ahead of the sighted divs, I figured with the extra...
  7. steve Morley

    Barebow Anybody going to Dublin for WA Field world champs?

    My focus this year is WA Field champs in Dublin, I will do some training and tourneys in Finland (Timo Leskinen said he would help me out) and maybe Swedish Field champs as prep for this world tourney. We have strong IFAA Field shooters and a lot of interest in WA3D but up until now very little...
  8. steve Morley

    Barebow Indoor draw weight?

    I was talking to one of the top female shooters here (she a Coach also) and asked if the target guys here shoot the same poundage indoors and she said yes, some even up the poundage for training ready for outdoor season. I've normally lower mine from 42# to 36#, for me the logic is I can...
  9. steve Morley

    Barebow Problems with ACE's

    I got some 570 ACE's XS vanes, 100g points cut to 27.5" for the 40# setup, they're just too weak, anyway I got them tuned pretty well with 36# Indoor setup but they just don't group as well as my Cheetah's !!! The Cheetah's are 525's 28.5" 20g inserts and 105 Tophat points , tune perfectly with...
  10. steve Morley

    Barebow Question about WA Field course setup

    Putting on out first ever 24 x marked WA Field round this weekend, got info on Red/Blue stake distances and face size. It's an unofficial round but next year we will put on official competitions in prep for Dublin. We figured the only way we're going to get any experience in these rounds it to...
  11. steve Morley

    Barebow Riser suitability for Barebow

    I thought we might make this a sticky for newcomers to Barebow Stringwalking when figuring what riser may be suited for Stringwalking, on paper all ILF risers should work but some just work better than others. To highlight things like practicality for Stringwalking, build quality, ease of tune...
  12. steve Morley

    Barebow First 18m Indoor round of the season

    Bit of a personal victory for me, after a neck injury that gave me a poor performance in Hungary and Italy I took a break to heal and tried to rebuild my shot and mental game, it has been a challenge over the last 4-5 weeks and some days it was so frustrating that I felt like throwing in the...
  13. steve Morley

    Barebow video from world Indoors

    Short clip of Barebow archers at world Indoors last week, I'm at the beginning of the video (white shirt/Easton long shirt), the guy with the cap on backwards is Timo Leskinen from Finland, he won setting 3 new WR's. We shoot IFAA 300 round and a Flint round which is set 20ft out to 30 yards...
  14. steve Morley

    Drop tune method, not just for tuning

    I was helping a club member tune his new arrows, after we got the basic bareshaft tune we used the drop method to figure out the fine plunger tune. My Vanquish/CV limb set shows me just how great a WA3D setup it really is (33y max) on my 10y crawl walkback from 10 to 35y I very very little drop...
  15. steve Morley

    WA3D qualification shoot

    Pleased with my Form, I've been working hard on Back Tension for a stronger conclusion and it paid off shooting a PB on WA3D qualification. Great pic sequence capturing the arrow leaving the bow
  16. steve Morley

    Euro Bowhunters in France

    Confolens is a beautiful part of France and it was a well run tourney, rained a little first day but the rest of the week was nice. Good to see some of m EFAA buddies and make some new friends during the tourney, I had a great group of people all week which made it even more enjoyable. Some...
  17. steve Morley

    help solve this tuning riddle

    I was setting up my Moon riser as a backup bow and ran into a perplexing issue. Both my Moon and Vanquish risers are using same limbs, plunger make, arrows etc, both bareshaft tune great to 25y for Stringwalking and run out of crawls at 55y but with the Moon riser the arrows start to drift left...
  18. steve Morley

    World Archery European 3D's

    Web site is up for WA3D in Tallinn, I hope England send a full team this year. European 3D Championships 2014 Tallinn
  19. steve Morley

    New WA Field/3D rules A lot of unhappy shooters in Instinctive Div as some unpopular changes.
  20. steve Morley

    Kaya limbs?

    Anybody use them, how do you rate them against other brands? just ordered a set of 36# Kaya Tropics for Indoor shooting. I'm IFAA gap shooter using 3 under my current 43# Pro-Accent limbs and experimenting with a heavy 460g carbon I still gapping 4" under the bottom of the target face so I...