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  1. Martin Heelis

    Mathews Genuine String - missing peep sight thread?

    I'm fitting a string and cable set for a friend and noticed something rather odd about the string. It has no thread through the string for the peep sight placement. Is it normal for Mathews genuine strings to not have the usual bit of thread?
  2. Martin Heelis

    Archery GB AGM 2014 - have we been misled?

    I thought that since the Chairman mentioned in the minutes that a "full set of the accounts was available at Companies House for a small charge of ?1" that I would go download them and have a look. No such information is available to download at Companies House. I know as I just downloaded them...
  3. Martin Heelis

    alcohol burner for fitting points

    Has anyone used an alcohol burner for melting hot melt and warming points for installation? If so, did it produce good results? Thinking of buying one as using the kitchen hob is a bit wasteful as 90% of the burned gas isn't heating anything other than air.
  4. Martin Heelis

    Full capture bow stand?

    Does anyone know of a bow stand that looks similar to the Cartel RX-10 but has a capture mechanism on the top to stop the bow going walkies in high winds?
  5. Martin Heelis

    Replacing limbs on Mathews compounds - how to remove plastic cup liners

    I'm trying to replace the limbs on a Conquest Triumph but seem unable to remove the plastic cup liners that go between the limb and the pocket. Anyone know the secret? Are they glued in or something strange? Thanks, Martin ps. the cup liners are apparently matched to the limbs so I cannot...
  6. Martin Heelis

    Sure loc X-press usage question

    Hi When using the Sure loc x-press, where on the limbs should the big wheels make contact? I've got a Mathews Conquest Triumph. I've worked out that it's not at the tip because the bracket fittings aren't the same thickness. So that leaves just below on the bit of the limb that has the small...
  7. Martin Heelis

    Issue with serving wear on Mathews Apex 7

    Hi The club chairman has a Mathews Apex 7 (Feb 2007 model). It seems that about 3 months after fitting a new string/cable the serving wears out exactly behind the roller guard wheel (this is on the string, not the cable). I've previously re-served the idler wheel serving with BCY 3D and there...
  8. Martin Heelis

    Conquest Triumph compound - string alignment

    I'm trying to diagnose whether my compound has a fault or not. Should you be able to line the string up along the middle of the riser? If I line it up with the centre of the bottom of the riser, I cannot then line it up with the top. FYI - I've done the arrow along the idler wheel bit and have...
  9. Martin Heelis

    Axle-to-axle question for Mathews Conquest Triumph

    According to the Mathews website my bow is supposed to be 39" axle-to-axle. In reality how close should this be? Should it be bang on to within a really small fraction of an inch or is within 1/4" good enough?
  10. Martin Heelis

    Arrows - where art thou?

    Can I have a Fonz award for.... I arrived at the field for a normal practice shoot. Spent 15 minutes setting up my bow and then it was time to put on my quiver and get the arrows. No arrows as I'd left them at home! I called a taxi to take me back to my house. We got to within 20 yards of my...
  11. Martin Heelis

    Easton X10 Stabilisers

    Product information... View for more details
  12. Martin Heelis

    BCY Halo .024 serving uses?

    I bought some BCY Halo .024 serving ages back but never used it due to the weird shape of the material. It seems to be oblong rather than round. Has anyone actually used this stuff for anything?
  13. Martin Heelis

    Easton adjustable uni-bar / V-Bar

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  14. Martin Heelis

    Rest for SF - Pro Forged Plus riser

    Hi Can anyone recommend an arrow rest that would be suitable for the SF - Pro Forged Plus riser when using a pressure button on the inner hole (closest to the Archer when shooting). The distance from the inside of the hole to where the riser starts to curve away is approx. 12mm. Thanks, Martin
  15. Martin Heelis

    can really stiff arrows be tuned?

    I have some SkyArt arrows that I think might be 1-2 spine groups too stiff. Can these be made to fly reasonably straight or is it a lost cause? The arrows are going in at about a 20 degree sideways angle (point to the left) and no matter what I do that does not change. ps. shot out of my recurve.
  16. Martin Heelis

    New club record and PB

    I shot a Portsmouth today at Caldy Bowmens indoor shoot and got 577. I managed to increase my PB by 2 points and also broke the club record. The results aren't in yet so I don't know what position I'm in.
  17. Martin Heelis

    New club record

    I did a York today and managed to improve the club record by 4 points. I did a York with my compound and got 1176. Considering that yesterday I only shot about 40 arrows after having recovered from one of my recurring injuries I don't think I did too badly. I also managed to get first place in...
  18. Martin Heelis

    Cleaning release aids

    Hi When you clean the parts in a release aid do you add any lubrication to the parts? I remember another archer saying that they are meant to run dry. Cheers, Martin
  19. Martin Heelis

    Mathews Conquest Apex 7 - how to make the grip better?

    Hi The club chairman has a Mathews Conquest Apex 7 but is having trouble getting consistent hand position on the grip. I've tried the grip myself and agree that it does seem to be difficult to get any consistency with it due to the odd shape. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving his...
  20. Martin Heelis

    Spigarelli Fletching Jig - Micro - any good?

    Has anyone tried the Micro adjustable version of the Spigarelli fletching jig? It looks quite promising. Bowsports Ltd Spigarelli Fletching Jig - Micro If the micro adjustment knobs can be locked down after adjustments have been made I'll buy one otherwise I don't think I'd be keen on things...