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  1. KidCurry

    A change of plans

    So it looks like this year may not be the all-out barebow drive I had planned. It's a shame as working hard all through the back end of last year and over winter to get my BB h/c to the low 30s I was looking forward to maybe a few county records and maybe a national placing or two. I am not...
  2. KidCurry

    WA18 six ten end

    WA18 My barebow is getting better!
  3. KidCurry

    Thought you were good at barebow huhh?

    Well, I was beginning to think I was getting okay at barebow until I watched this... I still need 30 points on my best Portsmouth to equal this!
  4. KidCurry

    W&W limbs draw weights

    Can anyone remind me how W&W spec their limbs. I currently shoot Xtour which are spec'd at 40lb at 28" at the riser limb bolt mid point and that's how they draw up. This is what I expected. Something in my memory is is telling me W&W limbs spec'd at 38lb will pull up at 38lb at the limb bolt...
  5. KidCurry

    The High Weald Archery Club - WA1440

    Anyone know if the High Weald Archery Club are running their WA1440 this September? Their website is being rebuilt and I cannot find out the dates or an entry form. Ahhh... just found an application form.
  6. KidCurry

    Barebow back tension vs Recurve back tension

    I want to qualify for GMB barebow next year and I have a plan. It is the same plan as my Compound archery was, to shoot the very best form possible irrespective of score. Now I'm quite happy with the way things are going but I need to be sure my understanding of barebow back tension is correct...
  7. KidCurry

    Why women should not do recurve archery!

    Why would you as a woman want to take up a sport where to achieve GMB you need to shoot 15 points over the gentlemen's MB score when if you shot Barebow for GMB you only need to shoot the same score as the Gentlemen's Bowman score :)
  8. KidCurry

    pse flexslide PTFE strip

    Anyone know where I can get a red PTFE flex slide strip. I've looked everywhere. Australia seem to have some but shipping is a tad high at ?25. Failing that anyone know where I can source some PTFE rod. The strip is simple enough to make but finding a supply of black PTFE seems rediculously...
  9. KidCurry

    Samick Extreme limbs

    Does anyone know if the Samick (Extreme) limbs have their draw weight rated at fully out or half way in?
  10. KidCurry

    Limb dampers for Barebow AGB

    Does anyone know if you can use the stick on limb dampers for Barebow AGB? I shoot with a Hoyt Nexus and was asked, at a tournament, to remove the rubber built in damper that's just below the grip. I don't know if that was for sighting or dampening reasons as I forget.
  11. KidCurry

    Spinwing stiffness by colour?

    How many times have I been told that Spinwing, the original Spinwing, had different stiffness depending on colour. Even now people tell me that the Red is stiffest down to Black, or something similar. Having just returned to Spinwings for a sojourn into barebow, and noticing a new range of...
  12. KidCurry

    AGB new website?

    Archery GB has a new website I think. It's quick and clean. I don't know how long it's been live, I didn't go there very often because the old one was a pain to use, but it is a huge improvement over the old one given the amount of information it needs to provide. Not finished yet but looking...
  13. KidCurry

    Archery field AGB registration

    This is my understanding, it may be complete tosh :) ...Basically AGB want to know where all the clubs are that shoot under the AGB insurance and what facilities they have. They also want to be sure that all clubs adhere to the safety requirements and field layout defined in the Rules of...
  14. KidCurry

    Cool archery trophy

    Found this in my attic today. Thought I had broken it years ago. It was 1st Compound Trophy from Ashford Archers Open Champs must have been early 90s. It is 6" high drawn glass on an onyx base. The foundry and glass blowers that made it are known to me so I was not going home without it that day :)
  15. KidCurry

    Compound Coaching at L1

    Anyone know if a L1 coach is insured to coach beginner compound? I'm not aware of compound training and especially equipment safety/setup instruction at this level. I'm often asked by L1s and L2s to check the bows of incoming archers with little compound experience. In the past I've been happy...
  16. KidCurry

    Compound Bow PSE Supra single cam draw stop

    Does anyone here know the dimensions of the draw stop on a PSE Supra Single Cam bow? I know it's 8mm dia but I don't know the height. Any help would be really appreciated.
  17. KidCurry

    For Sale Hoyt Podium X 40

    Hoyt Podium X 40 GTX Cams - RED RH 50 -60lb GTX Cams #5 (27.5" - 30.5") 65% let-off Fantastic condition - no scratches, dings, marks at all, not even where the rest or sight mount. Only shot about 8 times - hence condition. Anodised - Red Bow also includes Trophy Taker SSII Micro rest, peep and...
  18. KidCurry


    Does anyone know the diameter of the z-flex weights from easton? UPDATE: Have found answer :)
  19. KidCurry

    Easton CB Point Insert thread

    Anyone know the thread for the Easton CB Point Insert? I would like to make my own points for them :)
  20. KidCurry

    Editing a post with pictures

    I have had problems when editing a post, which includes pictures, after submitting it. They always came back "Too few characters" or words to that effect. Doesn't happen with just text posts. I have just found that if you preview the change before submitting the change it gets submitted...