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    Posting a longbow

    Hi I'm trying to find the best service to send my longbow within the UK Hermes and DHL have a max 1.2m, DPD is 2m but the package (in plastic square drainpipe) is 2.09m Parcelforce will send it with Express 48 Large but with sufficient insurance it's over 30 quid. Any other options?
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    Pressure buttons - how do they really work?

    Just musing on the above. I'm struggling to understand why a spring loaded plunger helps. I can definitely see the value of being able to finely adjust the centre shot for different spines and diameters of shaft, so the arrow comes out of the bow in as near a straight alignment with the...
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    Occasional draw hand pain

    Every once in a while I get a sudden pain my draw hand. It is in the web of the thumb, possibly the tendon that runs along the top of the thumb, but closer to the base of the thumb . It happens between 3/4 and full draw. Sometimes I get a little twinge for a couple of shots before then a big...
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    Wooden shaft spine selection for longbow

    I'm expecting my first ELB this week, a laminate one 60# at 32" (yes that's my draw length!) I've read for longbow you'd typically need 10lb under the rated shaft spine. However that would be for a standard draw length, so for that would suggest stiffer shafts, but how much. I know much...
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    Deep field quiver

    I’m looking for a new field quiver for in the woods. I’d like a fairly trad look, preferably leather or suede, deep, one or more decent size pockets and at least 3 arrow compartments or tubes, for NFAS numbered arrows 1s, 2s, 3s etc. The problem is most “field quivers” are quite shallow, ie...
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    For Sale Samick SKB horsebow

    I'm selling my Samick SKB as it's not getting the use. Lovely light and short (50") horsebow which draws to way more than should be expected for such a short bow. I have a 32" draw and for me it was only just starting to stack a little at fullest draw. 2 years old, bought new from Aardvark...
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    Purple Stylist bow stolen from Drightlngton 14/08/18

    One of our club members, Danny Walsh, had his bow stolen on the 14th from a field off the B6135 Wakefield Road in Drighlington. It is a purple Stylist riser with white limbs and a black longrod, so quite distinctive. The only photo I can link to at the moment is here...
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    [Horsebow] Impulse purchase

    Just treated myself to a Samick SKB for a bit of fun "because I'm worth it" :) What a sweet little bow, can't stop shooting it. Only 35# (at 30") but it still sends them out at a fair lick; burying my 11/32" woodies for my flatbow 8" deep into the foam bosses at 30 yards. It shoots with a...
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    Wanted Long limbs 22-26 poundage

    As title, I'm looking for a set of long ILF limbs in lowish poundage, any brand. Cosmetic condition not important.
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    Recovery from shoulder injury

    Nearly two weeks ago I sprained my shoulder. Nothing to do with archery, I fell on it (don't ask). Doc said it is a soft tissue sprain around the AC joint, nowhere near AC joint separation but it was very painful. It was in a sling for 4 or 5 days. It's now almost better for most activities...
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    Increased poundage limbs - change arrows yes or no?

    Hi I've had my bow for a year now and want to get some heavier limbs now. The general advice is you'll need to change arrows, but to what degree is it necessary for a difference of one group or so? Here is my current setup: 70" bow SF Forged+ riser SF Elite fibreglass/foam limbs (long) 30#...
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    Second clout tournament

    Crikey! (I feel this is inadequate and want to post something else but family forum and all that!) I was at the National Clout Champs today and I improved somewhat on the first clout a week ago. At that one I got 103 and a white tassel, this time....148! Black tassel land! Don't think I can...
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    First ever clout tournament

    I shot at York today in my first clout... first archery tournament at all in fact. I had a cracking day. A trace of nerves at first, but not about scoring badly; I had no preconceived score in my mind, apart from not missing the scoring zone for every arrow. The nervousness was more about...
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    Question on barebow clout

    Questions on barebow clout I've been shooting less than a year and never shot a comp or even a properly scored round (target). However this is largely due to my club being very small and the core members being much more oriented around clout. Anyway I've been doing some clout practice, using...
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    Wooden arrows tuning question

    Hi, I've just bought a flatbow and some wooden arrow shafts and components. I've prepared the shafts and nocked and piled four, and shot them at 13 yards and 20 yards today. At 13 yards they hit the boss with nock significantly left. At 20 they kick out nock left and more or less straighten...
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    [OTHER] Best starter traditional bow style

    Hi. I've only been doing archery for 9 months, shooting a sighted recurve but I have since I was about knee high wanted an ELB. However a clubmate suggested that an AFB might be a better starter for a traditional style bow. He let me shoot a couple of ends with his which was really fun to...
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    Wanted Avalon Tec One sight pin holder - 8/32" or 4mm

    Hi, this is to anybody who bought an Avalon sight that came with both sizes of sight pin (8/32" and 4mm) and the appropriate holders. If you have no intention of ever using the other size I would be very interested in taking it off your hands.
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    Fletching question: offset

    Hi all, a quick question on setting up an offset on a fletching jig. Should it be 1. the front tip of the vane offset from centre with the rear tip central 2. middle central with front and rear offset an equal and opposite amount 3. front tip central, rear offset. Talking about straight vanes...
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    Spare sight pin holder for Avalon sight?

    Anyone know where I can get one of the above? It's the little alloy block that holds the sight pin and locks onto the main block with a thumb screw. I want to make a clout sight pin that I can swap out quickly.
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    Which spine to choose in group for X7?

    Hi, I'm pretty new to archery and I recently got a set of ACE for my first set of outdoor arrows, but due to the cost I worry a lot about damage when shooting indoors. To the extent that it can put me off my shot on occasion. My club has only about 14 yards for practice indoors and although we...