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  1. mbaker74

    Adjustable V Bars

    Does anyone have a suggestion for an adjustable V Bar that actually stays in place? I want to try angling my twins downwards as well as back, but currently use a fixed carbon V Bar, so cant.... I am a bit cautious of the cheap versions as I can imagine them very quickly coming loose and moving...
  2. mbaker74

    Angel Direct

    So your order took three months, just with no contact from them? I was looking at ordering an angel quiver, but at the time I couldn't find anyone who had actually had one delivered in the past year, so didn't.... If its a 3 month wait I may order one, though obviously COVID will have an effect...
  3. mbaker74

    X10 are so weak

    I shoot x10's with tungstens. On the couple of occasions I have hit the stand with them, the arrows have been absolutely fine and pull out, usually leaving the point in the wood as I tend to use Bohning Cool flex glue rather than the Easton hot melt. I have cracked x10's shooting into straw...
  4. mbaker74

    Cheapish training limbs

    Hi all, I have changed to long limbs in the past few months from mediums, and have purchased a shiny new set of uukha XX's in 36lb. I like to have a lower poundage "training" set too, and currently have a set of Core archery foam limbs in 32/68 for indoor training. Previously I had a set of...
  5. mbaker74

    Archery.... is there a need for further change?

    I shoot in Yorkshire which I would say is one of the best atered for counties in the UK in terms of both what the Yorkshire Archery Association put on for a very small YAA payment each year and the number and type of available competitions..... Application to events - taking cheque payments for...
  6. mbaker74

    Twisted nocks and other shapes

    Nope never used them, never even seen them myself. I did once meet a lady on an advanced coaching course that swore by a certain nock which had an inner "grip" section inside the main nock, the theory was that somehow the acceleration of the arrow made the "grip" part let go of the string so...
  7. mbaker74

    Twisted nocks and other shapes

    Twisted nocks are available, look up Turbo Nocks... :)
  8. mbaker74

    Very soft button requirement

    This issue is still bubbling on, but she has not shot for a few weeks due to not being well..... Arrow length is 24", measured draw weight is 32lb. From the Easton arrow chart n the youth / low poundage section this puts her on the border of Y4/Y5 which gives 1500/1300 spine ACC's..... Going to...
  9. mbaker74

    Neet quivers

    Thanks very much for the feedback, sounds all good.....Nope nothing specific, just some general thoughts really as, like I said, I have never actually seen one let alone got my hands on one.... I was looking to change to leather for the same reasons, longevity, and this is still cheaper than...
  10. mbaker74

    Crushed my WA18 PB

    Cant beat a good raffle win to round off the day :) Congratulations on your new PB too.
  11. mbaker74

    Neet quivers

    All, im looking for a replacement quiver for my trusty Fivics, was initially looking at an Angel quiver but the massive lead times have put me off.... Merlin sell Neet quivers though which look quite nice, but I have never actually seen one, does anyone have one or any feedback on them...
  12. mbaker74

    Very soft button requirement

    WAs helping one of the girls set up a new Shibua dx button today and came up with a bit of an issue. She's an experienced shooter, doing 550 portsmouths. She is quite small, so shoots 40lb Hoyt limb she but only draws 32lb. She is currently shooting ACC's in1500 spine.. we checked centre shot...
  13. mbaker74

    Why we both love & hate 'muricans....

    Seems a shame natural selection didn't kick in there.....
  14. mbaker74

    Best place to go?

    Your nearest one that has a good reputation in your club.... one of our local shops has supplied incorrect arrows as part of a starter package twice now.
  15. mbaker74

    Bow Poundage

    You see on here archers who have started this year buying 40+lb limbs, aiming to be shooting 46-50lb otf. No idea where it comes from apart from a misguided belief that they can easily do it?? Maybe from other club members?
  16. mbaker74

    Angel quivers

    Has anyone ordered an angel quiver recently? If so, where from and how long did it take to get delivered?? Thinking about instructing the mrs to order me one for Xmas......
  17. mbaker74

    what is it about carbon foam?

    I think it was the X Tours I was trying, compared to the VX1000 uukha limbs (the non super recurve version, the numbers have changed now..), which were pretty much the same price to be honest.... Hoyt Velos are £705 at Merlin, Uukha top of the range VX+ are £740 so not a lot of difference price...
  18. mbaker74

    what is it about carbon foam?

    Dave, you wont see them on the main stage target archery stuff on YouTube, as Uukha don't pay the big boys to use their kit. Do yourself a favour and get down to Perris archery in Essex, even if you make a weekend of it. I shot the Uukha set up against hoyts top of the range, which is initially...
  19. mbaker74

    Archery shops - Are they taking the mick? (Online orders)

    No it didn't, its just that they had already added £10 on the price to cover it, or the profit margin on them is so big that they are not bothered about loosing £10
  20. mbaker74

    what is it about carbon foam?

    If you want to spend that kind of money, do yourself a favour and just buy these... Uukhas EX1 limbs In my opinion, the more you spend, the better the "engineering" and build of the limb is, plus they tend to be faster and much nicer feeling than the cheaper end of the market. historically...