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  1. Insanity-Rocks

    [Horsebow] Making Horsebow strings

    When making flemish strings for horsebows I'm having some difficulty in working out how much longer I have to leave the string material to make different length loops. Is there any way of calculating how much longer it has to be for certain length loops or is it just trial and error?
  2. Insanity-Rocks

    Double Worcester timings

    I'm organising a RS Double Worcester over the winter and am not too sure how long each round will take to shoot. The current plan is to hold assembly for the first Double at 9am and assembly for the second double at 1.30 - seeing as it's 5 arrow ends there will only be 12 ends per single, I...
  3. Insanity-Rocks

    Compound Paper tuning headache

    Was attempting to paper tune a compound yesterday and couldn't fix a nock left tear (around half an inch long at 4 feet, inch at 6 feet) no matter what we did. This is for a RH archer. Moved rest from way too far left in small increments to way too far right. Shot arrows from definitely too weak...
  4. Insanity-Rocks

    Shooting into darkness

    I've had a couple of compound archers tell me that when they're standing somewhere bright and shooting a target that's in the darkness they have to adjust their sight (can never remember if it's up or down). I've never been given a reason other than it being a "old snipers trick". Anyone have...
  5. Insanity-Rocks

    Estimating distances on 3D's

    Anyone got any tips on estimating distances? I'll be shooting World Archery(FITA) 3D shoots so I know if there's two targets side by side it has to be the smallest size and be between 3 and 10 meters, then the next sizes up are between 10 and 20, 15 and 25 and then 20 and 30. is there any way...
  6. Insanity-Rocks

    what poundage for short draw lengths

    I've been shooting recurve for the first time this winter and have been happy with the results considering the little amount of time I've put into it. I've been using a 66" bow with 30lbs limbs, which weighs not a lot at my draw length of 24". I'm looking into getting a set of limbs that I can...
  7. Insanity-Rocks

    Calculator for turning scores from one round into a predicted score for another?

    Just wondering if it were possible to take a score shot on one outdoor round and use it to predict the score you would shoot on a different round? It would have to take into account the different distances, target size and scoring (5-zone vs. 10-zone). Handicaps confuse me, can they be used to...
  8. Insanity-Rocks

    Top arrow going right

    Hi all I've been having this problem for a few weeks now, when shooting a three spot Fita18 or Portsmouth my top arrow will go further to the right than the middle and bottom one (shooting left handed). Sometimes only a little bit and sometimes as far as being a 7/8 linecutter on a 60cm face...
  9. Insanity-Rocks

    Minimum poundage for junior clout?

    I'm planning on shooting some clout tournaments this year and will be spreading the word around the club to see if anyone else wants to come with. The only problem is I don't want to get some of the younger juniors exited and then find out they won't be able to reach 90 meters. Does anyone...
  10. Insanity-Rocks

    What counts as a gold on scoresheet?

    I'd assumed that when you record the number of golds at the end of a shoot you count all of the arrows that hit the gold bit (inner 10, outer 10 and 9) - easy as that. But I was told this wasn't the case? I've heard a couple of different opinions on what counts as a gold, but coming from a...
  11. Insanity-Rocks

    [English Longbow] Where to get good low poundage arrows?

    I'm currently pulling 35lbs at 24" on my longbow, meaning I need quite weak arrows. The lowest spine arrows I can get my hands on in person are 30-35lbs, which means I have to leave them full length (32inches) to get them going anywhere near the target, and even then they're still a bit stiff...
  12. Insanity-Rocks

    [English Longbow] Just switched to shooting left handed, how's my form?

    After shooting trad bows right handed for 7 years I bought a compound to play with and discovered I was actually left eye dominant, so had to switch hands 18 months ago. For a while I was shooting compound left handed and longbow right handed but that caused it's own problems, so I've decided to...
  13. Insanity-Rocks

    Wanted White and Black Compound Rose awards

    Shot my first Hereford round and got my blue rose award, so am looking for a white and black to add to the collection, contacted AGB but they don't allow you to claim a lower badge and don't sell them either :(
  14. Insanity-Rocks

    Hand Held Using a release aid with sweaty/wet hands

    While I've been shooting a compound for a few years now I've only recently started using a release aid, I've got a Carter Target 4 which I love that sits comfortably in the first grove of my fingers(closest to my fingertips). Usually this is fine, but shooting my first outdoor target shoot on...
  15. Insanity-Rocks

    Cheapest good quality compound rest

    I'm looking for a rest that's good enough quality that it's not going to fall apart or negatively effect my shooting, but is cheap enough for a skint student to buy. Basically something that's good enough to shoot in competition that's as cheap as possible, any recommendations? Thanks in advance :)
  16. Insanity-Rocks

    Level 1 and 2 coaching courses

    My club has a couple of people who want to do the level 1 course, and a couple who wants to do the level 2 course. Is there anywhere with a list of all the courses being run in the near future, where the course will take place, the dates and who will be running the course? Or will I have to go...
  17. Insanity-Rocks

    Removing string tabs?

    Hi all, our club has just purchased a couple more beginner bows and they've come with string tabs(stupid rubber tubes just below the nocking point). Is there any way to easily remove them? I've managed to remove two so far by gradually sliding it down the string but have removed the top layers...
  18. Insanity-Rocks


    Last Wednesday I went up my club around 5pm to get my sight marks ready for the first field shoot of the season with my brand new arrows. I chose a distance, got myself ready and drew my bow. I aimed at the target but when settling on the gold it seemed really dark and blurry through my peep, I...
  19. Insanity-Rocks

    How do you tell what weight points are without removing them?

    I've currently got two sets of second hand ACC's, the ones I've been using for a while that I've only got a few left, and 12 recently purchased ones. I've been told that there are probably 100gr points in my old set as they have two thin bands where the point meets the shaft, but I haven't...
  20. Insanity-Rocks

    What string material for different levels of archers

    I know that dacron is better for beginners as it's more forgiving, and fastflight is better for experienced people who don't need a forgiving string, but that's about it. I don't want to spend the extra money on a top end string if it wouldn't benefit me at the moment, but don't want to be...