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  1. English Bowman

    Longbow - the easy choice ?

    Re reading your original comment, there is one thing I'd add about banter, there are some people who reserve the banter for those they know well and know that it's not serious. There are compound archers I know well who I will ask when they are getting rid of the training wheels, they'll ask me...
  2. English Bowman

    Longbow - the easy choice ?

    A phrase I like, which I know is a cliche but it works. A master has failed more than the student has tried. I am a coach, and I have shot to GMB standard, but I don't consider myself a master, I still look up to the people who coached me, and the people who have achieved more than me. I...
  3. English Bowman

    Longbow - the easy choice ?

    Perhaps intuitive would be a better word then? - However when I give someone a bow - any bow - if they're not an archer I tell them not to pull it back as the next thing they'll do is let go of the sting. :D (edited due to typo)
  4. English Bowman

    Longbow - the easy choice ?

    I don't agree with you that the shot sequence is easier on any particular bow. I shoot mainly English Longbow, but also dabble in AFB, Barebow, Recurve and Compound from time to time. I use the same basic shot sequence for all styles, if anything it's harder with the longbow because you have to...
  5. English Bowman

    Longbow - the easy choice ?

    Something I believe is that longbow takes the best physical technique to shoot well, but you don't need to have the same level of mental strength as a compound. The compound however, will let you get away with poor form (comparatively speaking) but the moment you let your concentration lapse...
  6. English Bowman

    AGB - no membership refunds

    Are you sure about this? I know that it used to be the case, but I thought that they'd stopped guest membership and that you had to be an NFAS member to take part at one of their shoots? My local NFAS club has their own insurance so that they can welcome guests who are not NFAS members.
  7. English Bowman

    [OTHER] Right bow length

    I wouldn't worry about a bow being too long for the woods, I shoot a 6' English Longbow, not had too many problems.
  8. English Bowman

    Screw in tips/blunts?

    Be careful about playing in the woods, unless you have access to private woodland you could be reported as either being in possession of an offensive weapon, or hunting. Both of which are illegal. The fact that your arrows have blunts won't help as blunts are originally designed for birding or...
  9. English Bowman


    I agree with what you say, to a point. I still stand by the fact that a war weight longbow would out-range any crossbow that it was likely to meet on a European battlefield. Experiments have shown this many times. I agree that the Chinese design with the long tiller negates the longbow's...
  10. English Bowman

    Bow Poundage

    I shoot 65lbs for my field bow. I used to shoot 70, but came down in weight when circumstances meant that I couldn't shoot as often as I used to. For target I shoot 45lbs as I've got a good bow and it'll get me point on at 100yds, so I don't need more. This is with my main style, which is...
  11. English Bowman

    short range practice.

    That's what we do at the club, we have 3 small 10 yard ranges at the Fort (Plus one 30 yard one) indoors, so as we can get 3 bosses in each of the short ranges, and only one at the longer one, most of our indoor shooting tends to be at 10 yards, and I use the smallest target I can. So if I had...
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    I've got a friend, just goes by the name Doctor. She's not who he used to be, changed recently.
  13. English Bowman

    Screw in tips/blunts?

    Why do you want blunts to practice? Surely you can practice at the club, then you'd want to use the same arrows as competition.
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    The war longbow would outrange any easily spanned crossbow due to the physics of the draw force curve as explained by Del earlier. Yes there were late mediaeval crossbows that needed a windlass or cranequin to span, but these were slow and unwieldy to use in the battlefield, although excellent...
  15. English Bowman

    Consistent anchor point

    In my opinion a firm anchor point on the face will always give more consistency and therefore accuracy than a floating anchor point. The advantage of drawing past the face is that you will get more power into the arrow. Even if the draw weight isn't increased. 50lbs drawn to 32" will put more...
  16. English Bowman

    Archery.... is there a need for further change?

    I agree, but this is changing, we now have dedicated field pages in the magazine, an international field archer on the board and there are people like me running sessions to promote field within AGB, so hopefully that will change. I also agree with you, we run one shoot a year due to not having...
  17. English Bowman

    Should all club activities be cancelled?

    I agree with most of what you've said, but be aware that an anti-bacterial spray won't kill a virus. Cleaning surfaces is a good idea, but don't rely on your anti-bac spray.
  18. English Bowman

    Are you still booking in to tournaments?

    I'm still planning on entering shoots, and we published the entry form for our shoot on Monday, and have 68 entries so far, so it doesn't appear that we're affected.
  19. English Bowman

    Self bow vs Laminate bow - a question on range

    Del speaks the truth here, I have many bows, self yew and laminates of varying lengths, weights and woods. The cast very much is down to the individual bow, and how well the arrows match to it. I've had a couple of good self bows, and several awful ones. I've also had good and bad laminated...
  20. English Bowman

    Archery.... is there a need for further change?

    One of the things that saddens me about this thread is the view that AGB = Target with a bit of clout and NFAS = field. The truth is that AGB = target, field, clout, and other forms of the sport. This is not to take away from NFAS EFAA or any other organisation, but if you are an AGB member you...