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  1. wymkof

    trying out 3d shooting.

    I fancy a go at 3d shooting. Is there anywhere around Greater Manchester that I can try out 3d? I have never shoot field so a understanding club would be great. thanks in advances wymkof
  2. wymkof

    Heather Urqhart Trophy At NCAS MAy FITA Clout

    Folks, Peter Gregory (Mr Clout) has asked to post this on there on his behalf. Peter is going to award a new trophy in the memory of Heather Urqhart. It is for the best Clout on the May FITA Clout...
  3. wymkof

    New Open Team Longbow Clout Trophies

    Attention Longbow Clout Archers: Peter Gregory has asked me to post this on here for you Longbow Clout shooters. There are now Longbow Team Trophies for both the Cheshire Clout Shoots, FITA Clout in May and Imperial Clout in August. They can be viewed on the Cheshire Web site at Cheshire...
  4. wymkof

    Indoor arrows

    Hi just a quick question. I shoot a 50 pound compound. With a draw lenth of 27 inch. I am thinking of getting some indoor arrows. I was thinking of getting some 2315's. The question is what size shafts do get and is it advisable to get 2315's with the bow weight I shoot? All the pictures of...
  5. wymkof

    Silver for the Ladies Recurve

    Nice one Alison. Well done:beer:
  6. wymkof

    Silver for the ladies recurve

    Well done ladies.
  7. wymkof

    CWG Gold Ladies Compound Team

    Well done the ladies of the England Compound team. On getting the team gold against Canada.
  8. wymkof

    Plastic Arrowhead faces

    Hi Folks, Could any please help? My club is looking for a supplier of the plastic Arrowhead faces. We have shot on them at a local comp (double York) and they stood up well to the hammer. Normally the paper faces would have looked tired and ready for the bin but the plastic faces could have...
  9. wymkof

    Arrow Strike

    Can anyone help please? My son shoots a recurve bow and the bottom hen fletching strikes the arrow shelf / rest. I have checked the nocking point it is ? above centre. The arrows strike the boss horizontally at 20 yards. But is causing never ending repairs on his fletchings. Any words of wisdom...
  10. wymkof

    Water proofs

    Hi Folks, Has any one any idea were I can get a waterproof top with detachable sleeves? I cannot shoot with normal waterproof tops. Its guaranteed that we will have a hot summer if I buy some new water proofs. thanks Milan
  11. wymkof

    Scope Lens

    I was wondering if you guys and gals can help. When I look through my scope, the image that I see is blurred. Is this normal? Or do you folks out there see a clear image of the target? I thought of buying a new lens but I don?t want to waste my money if this dose not helps. Thanks in advance wymkof
  12. wymkof

    Club Records Keeping Software

    I was asked by the Records Officer at the club. If there was any software (freeware or Shareware) out there. That could help in keeping track of club members, the rounds they shoot classifications, handicaps ect. Any help would be gratefully received.
  13. wymkof

    Hoyt Cybertec Cams

    I have got myself a Hoyt Cybertec 2002 model. Can any one advise if it is a single/hard, Medium or soft cam? I am stumped on this. Can anyone help? Thanks
  14. wymkof

    Moving over to the darkside

    I have been thinking of moving to the darkside this season. Don?t fancy spending a lot of cash in case I don?t like it. I have seen a Hoyt Cybertec for sale. Should I consider this bow? I know nothing about compound shooting so advice greatly received.
  15. wymkof

    V bar settings

    Can any one help? I have an AGF adjustable V-bar for a Helix. Can anyone advise to what angle it should be set to? Dose it need an extender rod? The long rod is a Bieter 30inch with twin 10 inch Bieter with end weights. I have no idea as to what to set this to. Thanks for all the advice in advance.
  16. wymkof

    Stolen Bow at Stalybridge AC

    Hi Folks Can you keep an eye open. If you see my bow on Ebay os the local Cash converters let me or the Old Bill know. It is a Win &Win NX Xpert red in colour. Win &Win everst Pro limbs 66 [email protected] Red Beiter 30 long rod Twin rods AGF carbons AGF TOP sight. Stolen at the Club this morning.:(
  17. wymkof

    Border limbs

    Dont know if this is the right forum for this. Dose any one have a URL or telephone number. For the company that make Border limbs? Thanks