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    Arrow advice, what size

    Hi So i have been shooting for about a year now, and i have almost got all the bits for my new bow, i now have to get some arrows and need some advice. After reading a few posts about arrows i can see it is not that straight forward to get the correct ones. At the moment it is not easy to get...
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    Shibuya Ultima V-Bar Mount

    Hi I am looking for some advice about the Shibuya Ultima V-Bar Mount, does anyone use one? At almost ?50 are they worth it? The quick release would be useful but i am not sure about the angle adjustment? jim
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    Other Tiller advice for new bow

    Hi I have just taken delivery of my new SF ultimate and 34# SF elite limbs, i am still waiting for a few other bits to arrive before i can set it all up properly, but i used a spare string and checked the tiller and it appears to need adjusting. At the moment i have 17.2cm on the top and 17.6cm...
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    String 8190 bow string

    Hi Has anyone used 8190 string yet for a recurve, i am thinking of getting a string made from this when i get my new bow. Is it faster than 8125G? Thanks jim
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    Other Recurve sight - AGF Tip-Turn sight

    Hi I am looking to buy my first "proper" sight soon and was thinking of buying the Shibuya Ultima Recurve Sight - Carbon, mainly because that is the one everyone recommends. I did find this other sight, AGF Recurve Sight - Tip-Turn, does anyone know if it is any good? It is more expensive...