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  1. Apollo

    Looking for a light weight quiver

    Hi I'm looking for a LH light weight quiver in realtree for field archery. Does anyone know of a dealer in the UK that has one in stock? I quite like the look of the easton type. The bad lands looks very impressive but not at ?130 . Thanks for your help
  2. Apollo

    Heads up on True ball Release aids

    Hello Just a heads up on a prob that can come up with the talon head on trueball release aid. As we have been all having to shoot in some very bad weather this summer my release got wet(very very wet). Due to work it didnt see the light of day for a week and at the next shoot it failed on me...
  3. Apollo

    Rank Rankings

    Thanks for clearing that up for me pilukan,see you on the shooting line
  4. Apollo

    Ring or spot

    Hello. I think it would be a great help if some of the top archers would give thier feelings on what they feel is best to shoot with on a FITA. If it's a spot ,what size is it and what mag is thier lens. The same for a ring. I have shot both and am sitting on the fence right now,although i feel...