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  1. woodsplitter

    Aluminium riser ILF RH

    Condition not critical but must be usable. Must be ILF & RH. Preferably blue. This is for a bit of fun, so the cheaper the better. I'm not prepared to pay for postage from outside UK. Come on, folks - whatcha got? :goodvibes:optimist:
  2. woodsplitter

    Argyll Field Archers shoot 5 Oct

    As usual, great fun, great company, beautiful place. Why don't more people go????
  3. woodsplitter

    Spot the errors

    Have a look here I've heard the skiing and snowboarding are excellent though.
  4. woodsplitter


    I had, or sort of have, a pair of compact binoculars, pocket size and useful for taking on holiday, watching the gull chicks outside the office window etc. Unfortunately I dropped them and the barrels now point in different directions. They were cheapies - Bilora Bilogon ECO to be precise, and...
  5. woodsplitter

    Winstar 2

    What's happened to the Winstar 2? I just searched for it on Google and got next to nothing recent. I thought there might be one or two for sale on ebay or something. Is is so good that nobody wants to sell?
  6. woodsplitter

    Not lost

    My infamous red arrows have been the subject of much hilarity just because the first one I ever shot in competition disappeared. I have always maintained that it was not lost, as it was known to be low and right of target 2 at Argyll Field Archers; it was just well buried. :rotfl: Well it was...
  7. woodsplitter

    Cap Wraps

    Does anyone know of a UK retailer of these: Buy Cap Wraps Arrow Enhancers - Archery Arrow Building - Cap Wrap Arrow Crown Dipping or any other reflective arrow wrap?
  8. woodsplitter

    Bows on approval?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes anyway. Has anyone ever heard of a bowyer or an archery shop/dealer providing new equipment on approval? I currently shoot 45lb @ 28" ELB, and I'm thinking about something heavier. I could handle 55lbs easily, I think, but I'm not sure if...
  9. woodsplitter

    "Z" nocks and Marco nocks

    A while back I bought some Marco nocks. Then I bought some more. Recently, I noticed that some of them carry the AAE trade mark. Various retailers sell both, but the AAE ones are sold as "Z" nocks. Obviously, one of the batches I received wasn't what I had ordered, but the odd thing is that...
  10. woodsplitter

    Broken limb

    I have a W&W Trigger :[email protected]", 68" long. Or at least I did until last night. I was shooting surprisingly well in the persisting rain, when the bow went "Doi-oi-oi-oi-oi-oink", and shuddered back and forth a bit. Then Mrs Uller noticed the string lying at my feet. The re-inforce on the upper...
  11. woodsplitter

    Super nocks

    "Now I'm looking forward to asking lots of daft questions and getting sensible answers." That was part of my first post on AIUK. Now a truly daft question. I bought some second-hand XX75s fitted with Super 3d nocks, and now I've bough some "ordinary" super nocks, but they don't fit as...
  12. woodsplitter

    Win &Win training band

    I hope I've put this in the right forum. Has anyone tried the Win & Win training band? Does it help?
  13. woodsplitter

    Arrow weight for longbows

    I've read in few places about bows needing the arrows to "Slow the bow down" so that it is not damaged when being shot. Does anyone know how to calculate the minimum weight of arrows for a particular bow. I mean physical weight, not spine. My birthday is coming up soon, so now might be a...
  14. woodsplitter

    Fitting threaded piles

    I recently bought a few bits and pieces to make my first wooden arrows. I thought I was buying taper fit brass piles, but parallel threaded arrived. Silly question: how do you fit them? Presumably the shaft has to be reduced in diameter a little, but what's the best way to do that? How do...
  15. woodsplitter

    Piles, brass or steel?

    I want to try making my own arrows. Can anyone tell me which is best for wooden arrows ? brass piles or steel? Taper or parallel, glue-on or threaded. What difference does it make?