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  1. rod

    A new direction

    It has been a long time since i last blogged, and also a long time since i last shot my arrows, i had become disillusioned with archery, my main gripe was third class archers giving crap advice to novices and the way the chairman was voted off the committee, he was trying to move the club...
  2. rod

    CROSSROADS, straight on or turn?

    its been a year since i last blogged, i have my ups and downs. the downs have been well down, around early December last year i was playing tug o war with the dog, the dog won and at the same time sprained my wrist, so much so that i was unable to hold a bow for 8 weeks so no indoor shooting was...
  3. rod

    recovery of stolen archery gear

    sadly i see another archer has had their gear stolen. mine was stolen 5 years ago and never did get it back. has any one or any club managed to recover their stolen gear?
  4. rod

    Arrow selection

    with the limbs becomming ever more efficient, would a better arrow selection be arrow velocity? there must be a sweet spot thats not too fast or too slow. for example if my current limbs where shooting arrows at 200fps, and new limbs same poundage and draw where shooting 220 in my opinion that...
  5. rod

    black or gold arrow points

    I am currently looking to supply arrow points coated in gold or black. and need to find out if there is any intrest out there from archers. the coating is not painted or sprayed,neither powder coating. the coating will be about 1 to 4 micron thick and very hard wearing, will not come off after...
  6. rod

    40 or 45mm spin wings?

    has any one tried both size spin wings? i refleched my x10's on saturday with 40mm spins, and shot my worst ever frostbite with them. has anyone tried them, did you get on with then? rod
  7. rod

    Anyone care

    for those of you who want to read a sad story
  8. rod

    things so far

    it has been a long time since i have posted here, and a lot has happened between then and now. my 42lb hexv limbs snapped in half while at full draw, just when things where going good, border have replaced them and now are 44lb, sadly this was too late to do any more outdoor shooting when they...
  9. rod

    ladies 90meter

    i have just seen NDY's post about naomi scoring 1276 on a gent fita. do you think there is a case for ladies to shoot the gents distance ? ok might not be many recurve girls with the poundage to do the job, but what about compound, surly 70 meter must be getting a bit easy for them. thoughts or...
  10. rod

    credit crunch

    has the credit crunch affected you, do you spend your money on archery gear like last year ect-- has the retailers seen any drop in business
  11. rod

    never give up

    I done a tournament on Sunday, and boy was it hot. it was only a western so nothing too serious, anyway thing did not start off too well as there was a wasp that really fancied sitting on my bowhand while i was at full draw. so i had to come down several times to give it a swipe, it then thought...
  12. rod


    some weeks ago i finally got hold of my HEX5 limbs from border. 1st impressions they are very curly. my new limbs are 66inch and 42lb, and my old ones are 68inch and 44lb (txg) so i have gone down 2 inches to match my draw lenght better which is 25.5 inches. there have been some teething...
  13. rod

    a veiw from the fens

    i have started my blog, and will write more later.
  14. rod

    shooting without a platform on the tab

    today i had ago shooting without the shelf on my tab, there was better feel of contact on my jaw with my finger and the sight marks went down by 10mm. the groups wer'nt fantastic even at 30 meter but i feel thats a tuning issue. the big problem for me is this has given me a sore jaw by the tab...
  15. rod

    new pb (now for MB)

    last year i wrote a thread about acheaving bowman status, which many of you involved did, well done. Now to move things along who is looking for MB. To get the ball rolling, yesterday my 1st out door shoot i done a national and western, scores where 596 & 802, both a shade short of 29 handicap...
  16. rod

    Fs Aerotec

    2005 Fade red aerotec, with spig 30 carbon sight ?275.
  17. rod

    Gnas Handicap

    By now you should have your copy of archery uk. turn to page 56 and read the green highlighted artical. do you think the handicaps are easy, hard or what? should there be any changes?if so what? (quote many archers will not like the changes) i suspect the grades are going to be harder to...
  18. rod

    American foam targets

    hi, i am about to be promoted to equitment officer at my club, apparently the vote has been cast 6 weeks befor the AGM. anyway we will be needing some new bosses soon, we all like the danage foam targets but they are large and awkward to move about single handed. i am awear that there are round...
  19. rod


    this year i have set myself a target of bowman. the 1st two fita's my score was 1040, yep both times. today i done a york at the club champs, score 922,yipee, one down two to go. now i have belief that i can do it
  20. rod

    Helix question

    OK guys and dolls, i am about to eat humble pie, i have been sceptical of the helix, and have said so. but they are popping up faster than the carrots around here, turning average archers into hot shots, so i am going to get one. i have a simple question will my aerotec rest (spig magnetic) and...