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  1. Windknot

    Bath Archers

    Righhhhhht..... Let's try this in the general forum. I'm trying to get in touch with the field section of Bath Archers- thus far my emails have gone unnoticed/ unanswered. If anyone can help, would you please get in touch with me? Much appreciated. Jakes
  2. Windknot

    Bath Archers- Field

    Anyone here shoot field archery with Bath Archers? I'm looking for a venue a bit closer to home, and any info would be appreciated. Ta muchly, Jakes
  3. Windknot

    Traditional bows for sale

    It's my annual autumn clearout, so I'm selling two bows that I haven't used much in the last year. Dragonfly AFB, reflex/ deflex design, 50# @ 26", 64" AMO. Bamboo limbs under clear glass, very good condition. Very nice bow, pretty quick too. ?100 Chek-Mate Falcon recurve, 58# @ 28", 60" AMO...
  4. Windknot

    Ebay scam Chinese seller, manufactured feedback, won't take feedback, speaks English in product description, Engrish in comments. Need I say more?
  5. Windknot

    Wanted: Young's Feather burner

    If you've been booted out of the house for using it indoors and have nowhere else to use it, or if you retch while you fletch and you're looking for a new home for yours, please drop me a line. Ta, Jakes
  6. Windknot

    W&W Evolution II for sale

    All righty then- I'm going to concentrate on field archery for the time being, so I've decide to offer my target bow up for sale. The kit comprises the following: W&W Evolution II bow- RH, Blue riser, 34# @ 28" Spigarelli Magnetic rest and button Cartel sight (I forget which model) Two dacron...
  7. Windknot

    Ragim Impala recurve for sale

    RH 45#@28" Impala recurve for sale. I'm getting a Quinn Stallion, and I need some room on the bow rack, so this one has to go. This is a pretty good bow- quiet and pretty quick (ask nicely and I'll put some 1916's over the skyscreens for you). The bow is in 90% plus condition, and comes with a...
  8. Windknot

    What recurve?

    I'm thinking of joining the local archery club so I can get more shooting done- they have indoor facilities- but I'll need another stick if I want to shoot with them. Do you have any recommendations on basic FITA recurves? How's the W&W Evolution II do? Anything else in that price bracket you'd...
  9. Windknot

    Cartel Doosung Junior Alu shafts?

    I see Alt. Services carry these- do any of you have any experience with these shafts? They are as straight as Jazz (.006" TIR), but the 7001 alloy might be tougher than 7075. Price seems right, too. And the colour doesn't make my eyes bleed- sorry LMP! Do tell!
  10. Windknot

    Riser and Jig wanted

    I'm on the hunt for a LH Ragim Impala riser and a Bitzenburger Dial-o-Fletch fletching jig.(with straight clamp) If anyone can help PM me or give me a ring on 01934 853 046 Many thanks, Jakes
  11. Windknot

    3 Field bows for sale

    I'm freeing up cash and space on the bow rack so I can order a new custom bow. So these three lovelies are looking for new homes. Samick SHB RH, [email protected], 58" AMO Very good condition ?65 Tamars Foredor RH, [email protected], 60" AMO As New (Get yourself a Foredor for the price of an Impala!) ?130...