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  1. ThomVis

    Please identify this

    A former student showed up at the range asking "what's this doodad for": Good question. It's leathery like and in the fold there's velcro.
  2. ThomVis

    Riser SF Elite+ owners

    How do your (bow's) limbs sit on the riser? I was shooting a SF Forged+ with Uukha X0 limbs, until I stumbled upon a deal I couldn't resist. Now I'm trying to tune the SF Elite+ riser to my arrows, but spotted something that raised my eyebrows. With the Uukhas, the limbs are not touching the...
  3. ThomVis

    Wanted Hoyt Cam1/2 plus #5 RH

    I'm looking for a set of Hoyt Cam1/2 plus number 5 in righthand including modules. Color and letoff not important. Thanks for looking, Thom.
  4. ThomVis

    The dead door & the upsidedown shoot

    My two (archery) frellups. I have a 22# training bow at home so I can work on form when I'm bored. No target, and only one room in the house where I can draw back and not startle the neighbors or hit any window when it goes boo-boo. I wanted to do more with it and bought a sight extension...