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  1. DK Lieu

    Fiberbow with Border limbs?

    After a couple of years of procrastination, I finally purchased a Fiberbow 6.9 and put it together with my HEX 6.6 limbs. No problems with the fit in the limb pockets, although I did need to move the limb alignment plates near the limits of their adjustment in order to fully align the limbs...
  2. DK Lieu

    Fiberbow with Border limbs?

    Due to an elbow injury on my bow arm, I am considering reducing the physical weight of my bow. Currently, I am shooting Border CV-H limbs on a Hoyt GMX riser, Olympic set-up. I'm thinking about getting a Fiberbow 6.9 riser. Has anyone had experience with Fiberbow/Border combinations? I'll be...
  3. DK Lieu

    Inspiration source for HEX?

    I came across this old photo. Could this be the inspiration source for the HEX limbs?
  4. DK Lieu

    HEX 6.6?

    I noticed from the Border website that HEX 6.5 has been discontinued, and HEX 6.6 is now in production. Does anyone have details on the improvements that have been incorporated into HEX 6.6?
  5. DK Lieu

    Other Stopping Clicker Rattle/Buzz

    I use two small pieces of aluminum, each around 1 mm thick. The larger piece has a hole in it, and is held in place on top of the clicker by its mounting screw. It acts as a leaf spring to hold the clicker down. The smaller piece is wedged between the larger piece and the clicker to create a...
  6. DK Lieu

    First Derivative of the DFC: What does it mean?

    Let-off is possible, as is expanding the width of the smoothest part of the draw curve (near anchor). The problem is that you are only applying 2.5D to a 3D problem. To create let-off, the limb geometry needs to have bi-modal stability. Here's how to do it by altering the cross-section shape...