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    [English Longbow] Longbow set

    How normal is it for a longbow to begin taking set(hope that is correct)about 8 months from new? It's only slight at the moment but I just want to know if I'm not treating my bow correctly as it was dead straight when I first got it.
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    English longbow to compound questions

    I shoot elb at the moment but wanted to try compound so just wanted to know the main differences between the two types. I shoot 'instinctive' or whatever passes for that so is it possible to do this with a compound? Thanks!
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    [Warbow] Mary Rose bows

    I was just looking through Steve strattons website( does anyone know if he hdas started making bows again yet?) and came across a picture of him holding one of the Mary Rose bows. It looked like it is about 3 inches across! Just trying to imagine the build of the archer who drew that bow...