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    have a go insurance

    Hi all i have been asked to run a have a go archery but my membership with the B.L.B.S will not cover this i have been told to become a member of the N.F.A.S as they couver have a go archery is this true ? or is there a better way I have till the 12th of may HELP:banghead:
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    Robin hood film

    Hi all there is a good side view of his bow in the new empire mag it looks like hikory and some other wood pinted to look like a self yew bow Did they have arrow plates on the bows in robin hoods time ? and the arrows look like they have smoe kind of nocks on them. still looking forwed to...
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    [American Flatbow] flatbow? longbow?

    Hi all I was waching mith busters the other nigth. The one were they try to split the arrow using a ELB. But it was a AFB why do they keep calling it a english longbow its the same on youtube put in longbow and there is more of them saying i shoot a longbow when its a AFB not an ELB. This is...
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    [Warbow] warbow membership

    Just got my membership for the E.W.B.S all i need now is warbow bring it on :duck:
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    whats the point

    Hi there im looking for a club to shoot with i have been a member for the BLBS for three years now but all the clubs i contact say you need to be with the GNAS i only shoot longbows so if no club lets you shoot whats the point of the BLBS is there somthing im missing ? i would stop shooting...
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    [Warbow] taking up the warbow

    Hi all I would like to start to shoot the hevyer bows the full compass warbows. i have been shooting target longbows for some time now 50lb at 28" is the most draw i have shot but would like to move up. There seems to be no clubs were i live that shoot them in telford. what would be the best...
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    new bow

    Hi all i have just finished a bow made form yew its the forth one i have made but its seems to have no power. On the tiller its showing 45lb at 30insh but it seems to have a very slow cast ?. The bow is full compass and its the first one i have made like that. Has anyone ever had a slimer...
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    band of merry men / women

    I was thinking the other day that i would like to start up a group for longbow archers were i live. Just to meet up from time to time and have a shoot and have bow making days. Im the chairmen of my archiry club so have some were we can shoot. Also i have found a second site to shoot at. And i...
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    to sell a stave?

    Hi all is there a way to sell things on archery interchange? I have a stave i wish to sell its ipe backed with maple. i would use ebay but there seem to be taking more in fees then im happy with. And i would like it to go to someone who loves the longbow and would like to make one
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    posting pics

    Hi all sorry to come across all thick but how do you post pics on the forum. If i go to insert image on the tool bar it just comes up with enter the URL of your image? im far from a computer wiz can any one HELP. :worried:
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    cowboy bowyers

    Hi all a chap at my club got a bow from ebay from scottlongbows ?. Well the bow snapet last nigth at the top lim. he has looked on ebay for the seller but they seem to have gone. is this a case of a cowbow bowyer or just bad luck. And should ebay put something in place to stop the the sale of...