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  1. DK Lieu

    Fiberbow with Border limbs?

    Due to an elbow injury on my bow arm, I am considering reducing the physical weight of my bow. Currently, I am shooting Border CV-H limbs on a Hoyt GMX riser, Olympic set-up. I'm thinking about getting a Fiberbow 6.9 riser. Has anyone had experience with Fiberbow/Border combinations? I'll be...
  2. DK Lieu

    Inspiration source for HEX?

    I came across this old photo. Could this be the inspiration source for the HEX limbs?
  3. DK Lieu

    HEX 6.6?

    I noticed from the Border website that HEX 6.5 has been discontinued, and HEX 6.6 is now in production. Does anyone have details on the improvements that have been incorporated into HEX 6.6?