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  1. paulhuk

    Course in energy and nutrition

    Bill Spencer - 17 May 2012 A course has been organised in conjunction with Leeds Trinity University College. Energy & Nutrition Tuesday 22nd May 2012. 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Course fee: ?15. Examining a range of nutritional aspects with the aim of applying them to sports performance and recovery...
  2. paulhuk

    Quality recurve sight - What is it?

    I've seen a number of posts recently that talk about a 'quality sight for a recurve bow'. But exactly makes a quality sight? I can only think of three things that could be used to define quality for these. (1) how it puts the sight pin in the correct position and how easily it does this; (2)...
  3. paulhuk

    6 Gold End achieved

    One big milestone passed last weekend when I scored my fist 6 gold end at 70 metres shooting a half fita in preparation for this weekends YAA shoot at Wetherby. Well chuffed. :fita:
  4. paulhuk

    Everything just clicked for a new PB

    Last night everything just seemed to click into place and all the things I'd been striving to put right went right. I shot a new PB and equaled the club record with a 572 Portsmouth. I'd been struggling recently with problem and 'snatchy' releases but yesterday seemed to be able to put that out...
  5. paulhuk

    Range layout

    There was some 'lively' discussion on our club field last week regarding the layout of the targets on the field. The bosses were originally laid out in a line from 30yds, 40yds, 50mtr (80cm), 60yds and 90mtrs. This was OK at the start but then the guys shooting at 90m were shooting a half-FITA...
  6. paulhuk

    Bowman achieved

    I got my third Bowman score this morning with a 510 on Long Metric (Gents). I'm so excited I feel like a school kid again. :hot:
  7. paulhuk

    Shooting in Vienna

    I'm going to be going to Vienna for a few weeks on business shortly and I've been looking for places to shoot while I'm out there. I've not managed to find anything in Vienna itself yet, the only clubs I've found are at least 40 minutes drive outside the city. :thumbsdow Not good as I will be...
  8. paulhuk

    What a difference a year makes

    Isn't it strange how sometimes your expectations can be changed by so much in such a short space of time. It's only just over a year since I and my wife attended a beginners course at our local club. And although we both attended a few Portsmouth competitions last winter, I had no expectations...
  9. paulhuk

    First 1st

    I'm over the moon, I shot my first round yesterday at 1st class level. For the last few sessions I've been shooting rounds at the Western/American/National level to make sure that I had 3 submitted scores at 2nd class and for these I was convinced that I was shooting at a level below an...
  10. paulhuk

    My first 2nd class round

    I shot my first 2nd class round on Sunday (National - 469). Well chuffed :applause: because I was having MAJOR technique problems recently and after a chat with Les at Aardvark invested in a clicker for the first time. I had a few club sessions over the following couple of weeks to get used to...