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  1. jet186

    Aurora Dynamic Compound Case

    I purchased this case in January 2009, and was a little concerned to find on Sunday that the bottom of the main bow compartment has worn through where the limb pockets of the bow are situated. As the bow is still as new condition I find this a little disconcerting. Has anyone else had this...
  2. jet186

    Reezen Bowstrings

    I recently changed bow from my trusted Switchback to a Reezen 7.0 and as I had a Tom Nealy setup on the Switchback I was looking around for something similar for the Reezen, I see that Bowsports have started stocking Winners Choice but there seems to be a distinct lack of availability for the...
  3. jet186

    John Dudley Seminar

    Thoroughly enjoyed our little jaunt yesterday down to Quicks in Sapcote for Johns seminar, it was fantastic!!! here I was expecting a couple of hours tops, and it lasted from 7:00pm till 11:00pm now thats more than value for money. John is a top bloke and that came across in his presentation, it...
  4. jet186

    Compound Case/Bag

    Just took delivery of my Aurora Dynamic compound (Top) Case, from Merlin and to coin a well worn phrase I am over the moon. Firstly the Quality of the fabric and zips is second to none, as its a double bow case, I can use it to carry all my kit in the one bag and still have space. The two main...
  5. jet186

    Octane 30" Target Long rod

    Having just taken delivery on Friday afternoon, I tested it for the first time later that evening and it does everything it says on the tin. The piston action is quite unique and felt so smooth after each shot, the balance was superb didnt use any additional weights, bow just sat so nicely in...
  6. jet186

    Alternatives to pop a bivvy???

    After attending my first outdoor shoot this year and without any form of shelter yet, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a tent that is easy to put up and dismantle,:idea: as I use crutches and the mobility is not what it used to be:bang: I need something that is lightweight and...
  7. jet186

    Look out idiots on the loose

    Just read this article on the BBC site for the North East of England. BBC NEWS | England | Goose injured in crossbow attack More bad press for the achery fraternity:gnasher:
  8. jet186

    Trouble in Tibet

    In light of recent events in Tibet, and the total lack of regard for human rights by the Chinese government, does anyone else think that the Olympic games may be overshadowed this year, or in any doubt?
  9. jet186

    Is it any wonder!

    Having just received my sons school report, is it any wonder that Archery is dismissed as a minor sport, when dickheads like my sons school PE teacher says " archery is fun but not a proper sport" It would be a different situation if in years to come he was successful at Olympic level then they...
  10. jet186

    It's a start anyway

    Well I shot my first six gold end last night at the club, granted it was only at 40 yds, but for me thats an accomplishment, I only moved to the darkside in March, and after recently surviving a heart attack and heart surgery in May the only way now is upwards and onwards; the only downside is...
  11. jet186

    Thats a start!

    Well shot my first outdoor round since I was drawn to the darkside just over a month ago. Managed to squeeze in a Warwick at Priory Archers in Guisborough, 281 well it's a start, and a PB towards getting a classification and now the only way is up.:cheerful:
  12. jet186

    New SF Pressure Button

    Now I know on other threads:reading: the praises of the Beiter button has been extolled, but having just got back from Custom Built in Guisborough, I must say that for a pressure button of its price range at less than ?22:faint:it has everything you could want in a pressure button. it has...
  13. jet186

    World Cup Final live on TV

    Just to let everyone know that Eurosport 2 is showing World finals from Mexico on Sunday evening. Regards John:cheerful: