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  1. Furface

    2019 January Challenge

    ?The January Challenge is a competition for all archers, whatever their level, to shoot wherever they can. Simply submit your best score in a Portsmouth round shot in January 2019. There are four basic bowstyles ? Barebow, Compound, Longbow, and Recurve - three ?age groups? ? those who took up...
  2. Furface

    Junior Rankings - time to get them in

    Yes, it's that time of year, when we look back and surprise ourselves at what has happened! Helen Woodcock has asked me to remind everyone that juniors should be submitting their ranking forms. And, just to make life easier, she has given me the link to find the right place on teh AGB website...
  3. Furface

    Club Website Management

    Does anyone use outside agents for building and managing their club websites? (Yes, I know it is simplicity itself, and you would be paying money for the oldest of rope, but giving someone the keys to our club website seems to be the kiss of death to their participation). Can you recommend any...
  4. Furface

    How does one submit a motion to the AGB AGM?

    Title says it all, really.
  5. Furface

    Archery GB Membership Review.

    At the first of the three "AGB Membership Roadshows" last night, far and away the hottest discussion came around the suggestion that they would abolish the block membership fee for Junior, Disabled and University clubs. Instead, fees for these groups would be set at 25% of the adult fees...
  6. Furface

    Archery GB's November Challenge (Juniors) and January Challenge (Everyone)

    I am getting my annual contacts asking me if the Archery GB ?November Challenge? for Juniors is going ahead. I asked Helen Woodcock at the clout last week, and she said it definitely is ? just nothing on the AGB website. I think everything should be unchanged from last year, in which case the...
  7. Furface

    2022 F***ball World Cup - Doomsday scenario

    I know I am a glass half empty chap at times, but..... As a result of the WC being held in winter in 2022, the professional game in Europe plays more games in the summer. There are fewer complaints from the players that the rain is mussing their hairdos, there are fewer postponements because of...
  8. Furface


    In another thread, Geoff offered this analysis of the 33% "churn" in membership endured by AGB each year. I realise that this has probably been covered before, but the fact that it is still going on despite the efforts such as "On Target" aimed at helping clubs grow makes me think it is worth...
  9. Furface

    Crossbows - does your club welcome them?

    I have just had an enquiry from a crossbow shooter, asking if we welcome crossbows. I realise I have little knowledge of the pros and cons, so have no basis for a decision. Could anyone enlighten me? (My first instinct is to say of course we would, but are there any special equipment factors).
  10. Furface

    Olympic Changes - how will they affect Archery

    BBC Sport - Olympics: 28-sport cap dropped by the IOC I can see a lot of people seeing this as a way to get other Archery disciplines in the Games. But could it also mean the playing field will become even more crowded?
  11. Furface

    Archery Antiquaries Journal - and Oriental Archery

    I have an old club member who is trying to declutter his house before it is too late. He has just rung me to see if I know of anyone who would take "a yard" of books off him. Half of this consists of a "complete run of the Journal of Archery Antiquaries". The other half is a collection of...
  12. Furface

    British Archer Magazines - I have a few more!

    While "decluttering" I have found a pile of a few copies of British Archer (which I must confess I thought I had sent off a couple of years back). What I have are: Vol9 1#4 1#5 Vol10 1#2 Vol27 1#6 Vol28 2#4 2#6 Vol29 1#4 1#5 Vol30 2#1 2#2 2#3 2#5 1#6 Vol31 2#1 2#3 2#4...
  13. Furface

    Range safety margins

    If (longbow) shooting was taking place on a range on a field shared by another (more mobile) sport alongside , how much distance between the end of the line of targets and the limit of their playing area would be a) minimum safe distance b) safe c) advisable? Would it make a difference if they...
  14. Furface


    I have just been approached to give a small archery demonstration at the family service of our parish church. According to the priest, this is because the word "sin" originated in archery, from people trying to claim that an arrow that had missed was "in". This sounds apocryphal to me (and is...
  15. Furface

    Archery Clubs in Multi-Sports groups - constitutional question

    My club is a fully-constituted Archery GB club, but is also a part of a multi-sports private association (AWMA). We have our own constitution, which complies with AGB Laws and Articles. AWMA is a charity, and is currently looking at changing to a Charitable Company limited by Guarantee. As a...
  16. Furface

    Bowmen of Adel trophies - HELP!

    I am trying to track down all our club trophies, but especially the two in the attached pictures. They are from our End-of-Season Open tournament; the bowl is (I think) the recurve team trophy, the platter the Lady's recurve. If you hold them, or know who has them, could you drop me a line...
  17. Furface

    Could/should counties/regions/AGB help?

    A purely hypothetical, but potential situation. Your club is using multi-sports grounds throughout the year. The other sports using it are all amateur, and you all have an equal (one vote) share in the overall association. Now, one of the other sports informs you that their local organisation is...
  18. Furface

    Indoor sighters

    What is the point of having sighters indoors? Outdoors there are so many variables in the conditions that they are necessary. But indoors? In my experience, their main use seems to be to get all your good shots out of the way before the competition.
  19. Furface

    AGB November Challenge

    Just a prompt (though it is nothing to do with me any more) that the AGB November Challenge needs scores from juniors shot in the month of.....November. All for fun, really (and not used as selection scores!) but a nice way for young archers to feel they are part of the national community. I am...
  20. Furface

    Paperwork in the Stone Age

    Well, not quite... There I was in the stationers, getting this seasons Portsmouth score-sheets copied, and I started wondering how they did this in years gone by. Back in 1948 (when my club started) how did they mass produce score-sheets? Or did they restrict the number of scored rounds...