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    Arrow diameter

    A bit of a noob question here. Are the diameter of these arrows the same: - Easton Powerflight 500 (carbon) - Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket 500 - Easton Axis Traditional 500 - Easton Camo Hunters / Game Getters 500
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    Bieter Nocking Point - Can I use it over the existing serving?

    As I understand, to use the Beiter Nocking Point, I should strip the current serving and reserve the nocking point onto the string. What I was wondering is if I can just serve the nocking point onto the existing serving? I am using an 8190 string with 20 strands and 0.014 Halo serving. Would...
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    Bohning X2 for target recurve?

    I liked the camo Bohning X2s and am wondering if anyone have tried them for recurve target shooting (both indoors and outdoors)? Are they too heavy etc?
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    Arrow Spine Selection Help

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase some X7 arrows for my sister as her birthday is looming. She has a drawlength of 24" and her recurve limbs states #36. Which spine should I get for her?
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    Limbsavers dampeners on an Olympic recurve?

    I'm shooting an olympic recurve, often in my apartment at night due to my job. The walls are thin between my flat and my neighbours and they have kindly alerted me that they can hear me shooting. I am certain that most of the sound comes from my bow and not the arrow hitting the foam target...
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    KAP Winstorm II Limbs vs SF Elite (Orange) Fibre Foam

    Which would you go for? The KAP Winstorm II Carbon/Foam Limbs or the SF Elite (Orange) Fibre Foam? And why? KAP Winstorm: SF Elite:
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    [Horsebow] Carbon /aluminum arrows for horsebow

    Hello, Can I use a horsebow with aluminum or carbon arrows? Tried some woodens but didn't get on with it. Could have been the poor quality of those particular ones but I would prefer not to venture there again. Was thinking xx75 or carbon ones.
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    Limbs Kaya K2 Carbon/Wood Limbs vs SF Premium Plus Carbon Wood Limbs

    Hi, Anyone have any thoughts on these new limbs by Kaya? The Kaya K2. Kaya K2 limbs | Archery Shop | Alternative Sporting Services In comparison with the SF Premium Plus Carbon Wood Limbs, which is the better bet? I understand that there are better, more expensive limbs out there, but do try...
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    Kaya K3 Limbs?

    Hi, I will be upgrading my limbs soon and am eyeing the Kaya K3 limbs. Does anyone have any experience with these limbs? Would you recommend that I get these limbs or something else? (but please make sure that the "something else" is still around the price, or lower, than the K3). Thanks!
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    Cartel Jig Not Evenly Spaced

    I am trying to get the cartel fletching jig to be spaced out evenly between fletchings. The first and second fletching is spaced really far apart whereas the second and third is really small. Help please. Edit: I've set the jig up to three turns only. I've already taken out the screw for the...
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    Which bowstring should I use?

    Hi there, I have: KAP Evo II/T-Rex II 23" Riser KAP Evo II Limbs 24# (but thinking of upgrading to 28#) and am currently using a Dacron string. I am looking to change strings, which do you think I should change to? Also, how do I know if my bow can support the newer materials (450+ / 8190)...